The Riverside County electorate handed Sheriff Bianco a landslide victory [Opinion]

Uken Report’s recent news story on why Democrats weren’t able to defeat incumbent Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco was well-written as always but neglected to examine the reasons Sheriff Bianco had a landslide victory handed to him by a county electorate that is now decisively Democratic.

First, Sheriff Bianco won the election by a 60% of the votes cast. The left defines a win for its candidates of choice as a “landslide” if their candidate wins with 60%.  When a center right candidate wins its excuses but not facts.

It is a fact that voters are at wits’ end with the increase in crime and calls for defunding police coming from the left leaders on every level of public office.

Yes, with an epic defeat headed their way in November they are backtracking and backpedaling now. Too little too late for the House and perhaps the Senate.

While the economic crisis is first amongst voters’ priorities, fighting crimes is a very close second. The Green New Deal is turning Americans Red and pushing independents and Democrats to the center of the spectrum.

Americans aren’t forgetting our Vice President Kamala Harris helped bail out criminals who burned down cities, businesses, and attacked police with a PAC she supported. Democrats attempted to go prime time with the January 6 Committee hearings and haven’t moved the polling needle either.

It just leaves the majority of Americans asking why nothing seemed to happen to those who burned cities, government buildings, occupied cities, killed and injured police, and ransacked businesses?

Americans don’t trust the left and radical left with the economy or public safety! Sheriff Bianco is not apologizing for being tough on crime. He is opposed to no-bail laws as well because it lets alleged criminals out on the street. He is trying to make our streets and schools safe.

Organizations that sought a candidate to run against Bianco found a candidate. The vast majority of voters preferred Sheriff Bianco.

They voted for Bianco and against riots, looting, defunding police, and screams of racism when alleged criminals are arrested, and caring more for the rights of criminals over victims.

If it was just low turnout or lack of money, how did a city run by the left turn out a set of left-wing radicals on the school board and a District Attorney letting crime and criminals go unchecked. San Francisco should be a wakeup call. But no! It was a Republican conspiracy.

The Sheriff and his team in one of America’s largest Sheriff’s Departments do a good job. Neither Bianco nor his team claim perfection in personal conduct or enforcement. Bianco is a good person. So are those serving with him.

You may disagree with Bianco on COVID, defiance of the Governor, and a host of issues important to you but you can’t have your own facts.

Bianco won a major victory!  Democrats went after him and lost overwhelmingly. He finished the race with $850,000 in his campaign account and spent little of the funds donated for his re-election.


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