Law Enforcement Officers are Unsung Heroes in Christmas Day Bombing [Opinion]

Some Americans would have us believe that law enforcement officers are always using excessive force. That all law enforcement officers are brutalizing our citizens of all races and walks of life. Yes, excessive force has been used to subdue some suspects and in some instances lives were taken. Nobody denies that.

Then what authorities call, “The Christmas Day Bombing” hit at 6:30 a.m. in Nashville, America’s Music City.  There is  an untold story here: Law enforcement officers ran into danger to save lives of residents living and working at —and around — ground zero.

These officers charged into action not knowing if or when the RV, which was broadcasting this message, “If you can hear this message evacuate,” would actually detonate.

Within 15 minutes of the message being broadcast along Second Street the RV exploded and took at least one life, injured three and damaged or destroyed 41 businesses in downtown Nashville.

The FBI, ATF, and local law enforcement have called the bombing “intentional” and those who charged into to danger were just “officers doing their job.”

Perhaps they were “ just doing their job.” However, to most Americans these law enforcement officers went above and beyond the call of duty in saving countless lives.

FBI Special Agent Matt Foster says, “We will find out who did this.” Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has asked President Trump for a Disaster  Declaration.  The National response has been heartwarming with people, like Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis stepping up with $ 250,000 and others pitching in.

While almost all Americans were home on Christmas Day, a day of peace, faith, and presents  peace officers were on duty and risked their lives to save others. Those acts were of conspicuous gallantry and valor.  Americans are fortunate to have men and women in law enforcement serving around the clock  and around the year to protect us.

The next time you see a peace officer, say, “Thank you for your service”. Like our military, they are doing a job that could leave their families without a mom or dad to celebrate Christmas.

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