Mayor Aguilar Says Lamb is the ‘Essential Candidate’

CATHEDRAL CITY —  Mayor John Aguilar is lending his full-throated endorsement to his colleague Councilmember Rita Lamb in her bid to win the District 1 seat in the Nov. 3 election.

Lamb now has the full support of the entire City Council.  Lamb has one opponent in the race, Alan Carvalho.

Lamb has served on the City Council for one year filling the vacancy left by the death of Mayor Gregory S. Pettis. She is now seeking a full, four-year term.

Aguilar minced no words in telling Uken Report why he is supporting Lamb.

“In these unsettling times, there is a strong need for continued stable leadership that includes a calm and healing perspective,” Aguilar said.  “Councilwoman Rita Lamb offers just that.  She is a person of great character and integrity and has served Cathedral City and District 1 extremely well since she was elected last year.   I have seen first hand, how committed Rita really is to the well-being of her constituents.  She is one of the kindest and most passionate people I have met and worked with in my years on Council, and serves as a great example of someone with the characteristics of a great public servant. ”

In addition to her role on Council, Lamb has also demonstrated these attributes in her years of public service as an educator and school principal, Aguilar said. She has also served her community as a former member of the Senior Center Board of Directors and  Public Arts Commission.

“With her keen eye towards protecting families, she has been an outspoken Council advocate to encourage us to remain steadfast in our general policies around COVID-19 to protect the health and well-being of our residents.,” Aguilar said. “Rita has worked tirelessly on the debate around STVR’s and stands for protecting the quality, peace and quiet in our neighborhoods as well as helping to assist small business owners in weathering this pandemic  She does her homework and asks the tough questions and is not hesitant to disagree with her colleagues if she feels strongly about an issue.  She is a strong and prudent student of protecting city finances while supporting Public Safety and has been an outspoken advocate for the needs of the Senior Center, Boys and Girls Club, and has been a supporter of programs and initiatives that support our LGTBQ and Latino Communities.  She always provides  a fair-minded and balanced approach where all are concerned!”

Now, more than ever before,  it is my opinion that Rita Lamb is the essential candidate to help continue moving the city forward, Aguilar said.

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