Mayoral race in Coachella pits incumbent Council member against incumbent mayor

COACHELLA — One of the most exciting races to watch this election season could well be the mayoral race in this predominately Hispanic community that is growing so fast that a projected 105,220 people are expected to call it home in 2025.

In the Nov.8 election, first-term incumbent City Council member Denise Delgado will challenge incumbent Mayor Steven Hernandez who is seeking a fifth, two-year term.

The posturing has already begun — especially on their respective social media platforms.

“Together we have moved on a progressive agenda to transform our city, stand up to the Trump administration, work to improve the quality of life for Coachella families, built affordable housing, grown small business, improved recreational and mobility activities, maintained a balanced budget and have protected public safety. The job is not done,” Hernandez writes.

The mayor also highlights the $60 million in grants the city has received in the past few years

“We are a city with more housing, better streets and landscaping, new parks and a library,” Hernandez writes. “All of this would not have happened without the incredible partnerships and collaboration that has transpired throughout the years. I especially want to thank Eduardo Garcia for State Assembly.

In making her announcement for the mayoral race, Delgado asked residents their “trust and faith that allows me to continue to make balanced, transparent, and studied decisions always in the best interests of our community as the next Coachella mayor.”

This responsibility that I ask you to entrust on me — is no small task, she said. It comes with great commitment, consistency, organizational knowledge, policy making, partnerships, community accessibility, direct engagement with residents, financial understanding, economic equality, and hard work.

“And there isn’t anyone who will work harder for you than I,” she wrote.

In addition to the mayoral race, two seats are open on the City Council. The seats are currently held by Mayor Pro Tem Josephine Gonzalez and Megan Beaman Jacinto, who is not seeking reelection.

Challenging Gonzalez are Yurema Arvizu, Frank Figueroa and Stephanie Virgen.

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