PALM SPRINGS — Peter J. Maietta, 51, and an interior designer, is one of two people seeking the seat in District 2 in the November election.

Maietta, is one of five people who has filed a Candidate Intention Statement with the City Clerk’s office. He is one of two people to date who plan to seek the District 2 seat. The other is Carlton (Carl) A. Baker. Learn more about him here.

Residents in District 1 that have each filed a Candidate Intention Statement are Grace E. Garner and Les Young.

Incumbent Mayor Pro Tem Geoff Kors is only one in District 3 who has filed a Candidate Intention Statement. Incumbent Mayor Rob Moon and Councilmember J. R. Roberts, both of whom live in District 3, have said they will not seek re-election.

Uken Report provided each of the five the opportunity to answer a set of identical questions. Following are Maietta’s responses.

Uken Report (UR):

Maietta: Palm Springs is the most inclusive, innovative and diverse place I’ve ever lived. That is why I chose it to be my home. I am running to be the peoples’ voice on City Council for District 2. I want to advocate for the residents of District 2, and all of Palm Springs while maintaining the city as an international destination.

It’s my time in life to give back, and I want to serve this special community. I will revitalize the North End of town. I will adequately fund our Police, Fire and First Responders and be their champion on the City Council. I will advocate for a solution to Homelessness and building a wrap-around service shelter in the north end of Coachella Valley by leveraging CVAG and all desert homeless agencies. I will focus on the LGBTQ community as well as seniors in Palm Springs.

UR: City Council races are typically nonpartisan, but local races of late have been highly partisan. This is your chance to set the record straight and speak for yourself. Are you liberal, conservative, or other and what that means to you and your constituents?

Maietta: Government starts at the local level and these highly partisan races are a symptom of the Government at the Federal level. Local races should be non-partisan and concentrate on the voice of the people to accomplish what is best for the City. With that being said, I am a Democrat– because I believe that government exists first and foremost to help people.

UR: What is the most pressing issue in your specific district?

Maietta: The pressing issues for my district are to provide affordable housing, jobs, updated infrastructure and more neighborhood services. Residents want the basics of city government: Street lights, road paving, level and accessible sidewalks, open space and public safety. The people of Palm Springs deserve to get their money’s worth from the taxes they pay.

The pressing issue for all of Palm Springs is to continue to balance our international status as a tourist destination, protecting our local and small businesses and the integrity of our neighborhoods, as the place so many call home.

UR: With what issue, ordinance, and project do you want your name to be most associated?

Maietta: I want my name to be most associated with revitalization and beautification of District 2, which is the entranceway to Palm Springs. Previous revitalization has been focused on Downtown.  Now it’s time to concentrate and invest in the rejuvenation of District 2.

UR: Do you have any local government experience, serving on boards, commissions, etc.

Maietta: I am an appointed member of the Palm Springs Board of Appeals. I have a seat on the fundraising committee for The LGBTQ Center, and am a member of Human Rights Campaign and Stonewall Democrats here in the desert. I volunteered for years for Equality California in Los Angeles. I have volunteered extensively for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah.

UR: What sets you apart from your challenger(s)?

Maietta: I am not a political insider and I promise to take an unconventional approach to city politics. I bring a new energy to our community, which will result in new ideas and innovation for the City.




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