What is your favorite Christmas Treat?

The holiday season is well underway, which means reaching for your favorite Christmas treat. Many treats are part of family tradition and include fudge, divinity, peanut blossoms, peppermint bark, almond bark, chocolate-covered cherries and more.

It seems each state has its own favorite Christmas treat. The folks at Zippia analyzed Google searches to determine each state’s favorite Christmas treat.

The results? So. much. cheesecake.

Among the findings are:

  • A staggering nine states chow down on cheesecake during the winter holidays.
  • 20 states dig cakes, while 12 want candy, and 10 prefer cookies.
  • That doesn’t even count Pennsylvania and Hawaii who are busy eating gingerbread cheesecake and Oreo cheesecake.
  • Move over California, Missouri searches for “vegan Christmas cookies” more than any other state.
  • Wyoming and Arizona like their treats liquid, as delicious hot chocolate and less delicious eggnog.
  • Forget candy you can get in the grocery store everyday, New Jersey knows treats are more satisfying when they have a chocolate-y Santa face.
  • Only North Dakota is a big fan of vastly, underrated peanut butter blossoms
  • Oh, give me some Christmas pudding, oh, give me some pudding, says Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Tennessee.
  • Why do the Carolinas like fruitcake so much?

How Zippia compiled its most popular Christmas treat list

Using Google Trends, they determined what Christmas treat each state eats a disproportionate amount of. They examined over 40 Christmas classics- including candy stocking stuffers, peppermint yumminess, and all the cakes. From there, they determined what treat is searched a disproportionately, high amount.

For example, while Wisconsin eats all the Christmas classics the rest of the country does, the search interest for Andes mints in Wisconsin is higher than the remaining states. This makes Andes mints more popular in Maine than anywhere else.

In the event of two (or more) dishes tying for a state, the Christmas treat with the highest search volume was chosen.

In general, search volume is sky high across the country for fudge, peppermint bark, cheesecake, and gingerbread. But some states are serving up more obscure classics than others.




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