‘Another thing about being in quarantine, it gets you thinking about, well, everything.’

Editor’s note: This is the sixth reflective essay in a series on the pandemic and quarantine by Desert Sands Unified School District senior representatives to the Board of Education. Each student is a contributing member of the school board and participates in an advisory council to the superintendent.

Personally, my life during quarantine has been a rollercoaster. Every day comes with new and different experiences. My day usually starts off with waking up for the required Zoom call, then I feed all my pets and take my bearded dragon Mushu outside for a little sunlight. I go back inside and enjoy breakfast with my parents and older brother and then go to my next class. When that class has finished I either do chores or homework. Depending on the day, I either go to my last class or continue to do homework. After completing my homework for the day, I relax and enjoy my free time by listening to music or talking to friends.

On weekends, I most likely sleep in because I usually work in the afternoons. Work is entertaining because two of my friends work with me and we keep each other’s spirits high, even when there are dull customers. If I’m not working, I’m either watching anime, enjoying music, spending time with friends, or singing.

Other than that, my life right now is just a loop. Keeping up with day to day issues is a real struggle though. You always have to keep in mind to be careful around family, friends, and everyone and everything around you because of Covid. In my opinion, the whole state should close any unnecessary stores to reduce the spread of Covid. The question is, is it worth it? My answer, No. But there’s really nothing you can do about it so you just have to let it slide.

My Life During Quarantine in a Pandemic


Another thing about being in quarantine, it gets you thinking about, well, everything. You think about where you are now,  or how you are now, and it gets you thinking about your future, life around you, anything and everything that affects you. For example, the environment. I started to think about how much pollution there is the world. We’re constantly polluting and yet  hardly anyone seems to care anymore. The effects of that pollution are causing animals to die because of our mess that we keep leaving behind. There are many environmentalist groups out there that take trash and recycling of any kind and they can make it into something new or turn it into raw energy. These thoughts lead me to believe that people care less and less if our planet becomes this giant ball of trash. That is just one of the many thoughts I’ve had amongst quarantine.

Other than those thoughts and the constant loop we´re going through, some things have changed in my life. One of those things being that my best friend moved away, which was really hard at first but it just passed by with little fanfare. Along with my birthday, which was a small group, but I made the best of what it could be. It is what we all do during this time, we try and make the best of any of our situations.

It is what all of our lives have become during quarantine.


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