NBA Fans Tuning into Cable TV Shows

What’s happened to the NBA playoff television ratings? Seems that they are at historic lows!

Why are more people tuning into cable news shows rather than watching the NBA? Is it possible it is because many viewers believe that the NBA teams, coaches, and players are supporting looters, cop killers, fire bombers, anarchists, socialists, occupations types, and rioters?

We get that many players, including possibly one of the five best of all time, has been in a battle with President Trump,  Tweeting against Trump and Republicans for almost four years now. That’s his constitutional right!

Many former NBA fans say they are tired of what they perceived  as anti- American attitudes and actions of some NBA players and coaches. The message the players and some coaches have been spreading isn’t about bringing Americans together in some viewers’ opinions. They say it’s just hate speech by a few guys that are multimillionaires.

The NBA and many of its teams are pushing fans away. While all lives of all people matter, taking a knee during the National Anthem, supporting a group of anarchists, Tweeting hate-filled messages and encouraging riots and looting has hurt coaches, players, and teams.

It can’t help the NBA when its coaches or players take on Donald J. Trump. Trump’s epic Twitter responses to his 84 million best friends aren’t NBA friendly.

Forbes Magazine says that many former viewers say the NBA, its coaches and players got, “Too political.”

The United States has gone to great measures since the 9-11 terror attacks to make sure sure sporting events are safe and secure. These events are secured by federal officers, state and regional law enforcement, local police departments, and our National Guard troops. The safety measures cost taxpayers millions.

Unless the player is contractually bound not to discuss politics, he is good to go on expressing his opinions about Donald J. Trump, other politicians, police, or anything else that’s on his mind.

Fans have rights, too! They have spoken loud and clear. They don’t want to tune into the NBA anymore. Is this damage permanent? We don’t know. Just wait until next year and another season to see what fans are doing with NBA viewership. If the NBA Commissioner, team owners, and, yes, the players continue to lose viewers that will also hurt sponsorship dollars and merchandising.

Until then get out to vote on Nov. 3, 2020.


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