With the dawn of  a new year, Uken Report welcomes a new, bestselling author to the platform.

New Year Brings New Writer to Uken Report

Kieran and Rob Bignell

Starting this week, Rob Bignell, a familiar, trusted and respected name in the Coachella Valley, will write a hiking column for the Lifestyles section of Uken Report. His column will appear twice a month on Thursdays so he can highlight some of the best places to hike in the Coachella Valley and surrounding area as you make your weekend plans.

The desert is alive with hiking enthusiasts, hiking clubs, special hiking events. Bignell will tap into that appetite. He has made a list of nearly 200 trails in and around the Coachella Valley and is eager to share his knowledge and expertise.

His first column will publish Thursday, Jan. 4. Bignell will start with the Andreas Canyon Trail, one of his “faves” in Palm Springs.

Bignell has written more than 20 bestselling hiking guidebooks in the “Hikes with Tykes,” “Hittin’ the Trail,” “Headin’ to the Cabin,” and “Best Sights to See” series. An avid hiker, long-time editor, and former infantry grunt he’s been taking his son on day hikes for the past decade. Together they’ve scaled summits almost two miles high, crossed America’s driest deserts, and walked beneath trees soaring 15 stories over their heads. He’s previously lived in and extensively hiked the Palm Springs, San Diego and Los Angeles areas.

Visit his website HERE.