What is gentle yoga? Nicole Cuhney will tell you

CATHEDRAL CITY — When free yoga classes begin in this community on Tuesday, Jan. 10, there will be a gentle yoga class and a power yoga class. Nicole Cuhney will take the lead on gentle yoga.

To help potential participants determine which class might be best, Uken Report (UR) reached out to instructors of both classes to get a better understanding of what each class offers.

UR: What is your background that qualifies you to teach yoga?

Nicole Cuhney: I’ve been practicing yoga for over 10 years, and it’s been a beautiful guide for me throughout my life. Since receiving my training in 2019 at Power Yoga Palm Springs, I’ve continued to expand my teacher training internationally and locally, as an RYT-500. (The RYT 500 designation is the highest level for yoga instructors in terms of education and training. Attaining this credential demonstrates that teaching yoga is more than a passion, it is a professional endeavor and your primary vocation.) I love teaching a variety of classes such as: gentle, vinyasa, power, yin and chair yoga. Being able to guide those with different needs or goals is important to me. I want others to enjoy the practice of yoga as much as I do and be able to use it as an everyday tool in their lives to benefit them mentally and physically.

UR: What exactly is gentle yoga?

Nicole Cuhney: Gentle yoga is a graceful nourishing practice for all levels. As you find connection to your breath, you’re able to begin grounding into your practice through gentle stretching. Gradually opening the body and strengthening through slow movements, building a foundation in your yoga practice.

UR: For whom is it designed?

Nicole Cuhney: Gentle yoga is wonderful for those looking to start their yoga practice, or those experienced looking to slow down and find some gentle release.

UR: What can one expect from the class?

Nicole Cuhney: Yoga is a beautiful practice for everyone. In our gentle class there will be seated and standing poses, along with coming onto our back. It’s important to listen to your body and know how you feel when you’re in a pose. It should always feel good and never painful. Instructors can guide and give modifications, but ultimately only the student knows how they’re feeling inside their body, their limitations, and when they need to come out of a pose or simply take a break.

UR: Any advice for would-be participants?

Nicole Cuhney: Even though it’s an outdoor class, I always encourage those who have yoga blocks to bring them! They are an incredible tool to use in a gentle practice, so if anyone practices at home with blocks, I encourage you to bring them along with you on the grass!

UR: Anything you would like to add that might encourage one to enroll?

Nicole Cuhney: Having grown up in the Coachella Valley I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to teach for the community! With our beautiful mountains surrounding us and the perfect weather, along with a free yoga class to add on to your morning routine — what more can you ask for?




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