Palm Springs voters have spoken. There will be no ban on short-term vacation rentals.

Official semi-final election results, according to the Riverside County Registrar of Voters, show that 6,533 voters, of 68.41 percent, voted “no” on Measure C, a ballot initiative that asked residents to decide on June 5 whether vacation rentals of single-family residences in single-family residential zones should be banned.

Some 3,017 voters, or 31.59 percent, voted “yes” on the controversial measure. The votes are from six of 12 precincts reporting.

“We are thrilled to see that so many voters recognize the important role of vacation rentals in our tourism economy,” Bruce Hoban, co-chair of We Love Palm Springs, the No on Measure C campaign, said in a prepared statement.

“This result vindicates what our coalition has said all along: a ban is an extreme approach that would have caused real harm in the form of job losses, business closures, and a hit to the city’s budget for public services,” Hoban said. “We already have one of the toughest vacation rental laws in the country, and it is working.”

We are so grateful for the incredible support of more than 700 donors and the dozens of volunteers who worked so hard to defeat this ban, Hoban added. We built a fantastic coalition of local homeowners, businesses and organizations that helped us get to this point.

“While some of us were on opposite sides of Measure C, we are all part of one community. Now is the time to come together and move Palm Springs forward,” Hoban said. “We are eager to coordinate with city officials and listen to all our neighbors as we work to improve the effectiveness of the city’s vacation rental regulations.”

Vacation rental leader HomeAway referred to Measure C as a historic vote.

“Vacation rentals have been a vital part of Palm Springs’ tourism DNA for generations,” said Philip Minardi, a spokesperson for HomeAway. “This vote is recognition of that valuable role and a clear signal to other cities that community members aren’t interested in blanket bans; they want conversation and compromise around fair, effective, and enforceable regulations that work for everyone. HomeAway will continue to work with our local homeowners, managers and neighbors—who worked so hard over the last year to make this night happen—as we all work towards an improved vacation rental ordinance.”