Bighorn Golf Charities Makes $250,000 Donation to Olive Crest

Olive Crest Benefactor of BIGHORN Golf Charities

Olive Crest ribbon cutting.

PALM DESERT —BIGHORN Golf Club Charities on Thursday announced a ‘Welcome Home’ gift to Olive Crest, Inland and Desert Communities, for the opening of their new Coachella Valley Children and Family Resource Center in Palm Desert. This substantial donation of $250,000 was made public to a group of Olive Crest’s biggest supporters at the Power of One luncheon held at BIGHORN Golf Club.

Olive Crest is dedicated to preventing child abuse by strengthening, equipping, and restoring children and families in crisis. It serves 5,000 children and families each day throughout the Western United States.

“Olive Crest is excited to unveil the new Coachella Valley Children and Family Resource Center in Palm Desert,” said Tracy Fitzsimmons, Executive Director of the Inland and Desert Communities. “This campus, dedicated to prevention, treatment, and hope, will provide transformative resources for disadvantaged children, youth, and families in our desert communities. We are so grateful to BIGHORN Golf Club Charities and their Board Members for this extreme act of generosity.”

Established in Orange County in 1973, Olive Crest has served the crisis-stricken population of this valley for 22 years.

“It is hard for many people to believe that even in this community with extreme pockets of wealth, 31 percent of children in the desert are within households that live below the poverty line. There are a vast number of disenfranchised children who are silenced, and forgotten,” said BIGHORN Chairman John Beury. “We are humbled to be able to assist Olive Crest address the root causes of issues that lead to chronic poverty, homelessness and child abuse.” To date, BIGHORN Golf Club Charities has contributed a total of $310,500 to Olive Crest.

Tours of the Coachella Valley Children and Family Resource Center can be arranged by contacting Bill Seals, Associate Development Director at 760-895-0765.

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