After several conversations, emails and conference calls with Kroger (Ralphs & Food 4 Less) it would appear that the concerns of our members’ health, safety and their hard work have fallen on deaf ears.

Though Kroger has done some things, they have not gone far enough and they refuse to PUT IT IN WRITING.

The $300 and $150 one time bonus for full-time and part-time workers is shameful and it shows the shear greed of this corporation. This is obviously an attempt to make as much money as you can during this crisis. This is not the time to worry about your rich investors’ returns, but it is time to take care of the communities that you claim to serve and the employees that you put on the front lines in harm’s way every day to enrich yourselves!

Kroger is reported to be in the top two or three grocery retailers in the country and this is the best you can do?! I will call out Walmart as well. It would appear that Kroger has taken its cues from Walmart because they are doing the same thing. It has been said that the true measure of a person’s character is what they do in a time of crisis.

Kroger, you have failed miserably and we and our members will not forget this. You should be ashamed for putting profits over people.

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