Free Yoga Classes Exceed Expectations in Cathedral City

Organizers of Free Yoga Classes to be Recognized

The yoga team is Antonio Baciu, front; Chris Parman, communications and events manager, Gary Marshall; chair of the Cathedral City Parks and Community Events Commission; and Patti Wexler, instructor. Patti Wexler

CATHEDRAL CITY — Together, Gary Marshall, chair of the Cathedral City Parks and Community Events Commission, and Antonio Baciu, a community promoter, devised a way to offer free yoga classes in this community — and their “groundbreaking” plan exceeded expectations.

On Wednesday, the City Council will recognize Marshall and Baciu for their hard work in bringing the exercise program to fruition in this working -class community.

The duo had projected an attendance of 50 people. As morning broke the day of classes, they received an average of 100 attendees eager to learn all about everything from namaste to savasana.

“I’m humbled by the recognition from the Council,” Baciu told Uken Report. “We plan to be back next year starting in January-March. We are working on a possible second class. This first year we went till April and it’s too hot for some attendees.

Antonio Baciu, creator of the free yoga program, said, “I take the amazing free yoga classes at Sunnylands and when they built the new Cathedral City Community Amphitheater, I thought, ‘why can’t we do what Sunnylands is doing here?’ After seven months of planning and voting, I was able to get it funded by the city. I’m amazed at turnout for our first season.”

Baciu said he had never met Marshall before and had certainly never worked with him.

“Wow!” Baciu wrote in a text message. “What a great guy. He was as invested in the yoga program as I was.”

Mayor Pro Tem Rita Lamb, a yoga enthusiast, was a regular at the class. Mayor Ernesto Gutierrez and Councilmember Raymond Gregory and Nancy Ross stopped by. But a source close to the classes said they did not participate. Perhaps next year?

In the interest of full disclosure, this writer did not participate either.

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