Palm Desert VA Clinic to move from 41990 Cook St. to 72700 Dinah Shore Dr.

LOMA LINDA — A  new contract has been awarded to STG International, Inc., which will result in the relocation of the Palm Desert VA Clinic from 41990 Cook St. to 72700 Dinah Shore Dr. in Fall of 2021, the VA Loma Linda Healthcare System announced.

Palm Desert VA Clinic is Moving to New Location

The lobby

The new location offers more space for patient privacy and enhanced services, providing VA the ability to implement the Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACT) model and expand services through telemedicine – doing so in an economically responsible way that maximizes taxpayer dollars and accessibility to Veterans.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) serves the nation’s Veterans by providing the best comprehensive care available, resulting in improvements in access to primary care, increased specialty care availability, telemedicine, medical advances including coronary artery stenting, robotic surgery, and advanced endoscopy, significant growth in mental health services, and an enhanced care network that can serve more Veterans in the convenience of their own homes.

Upon notification of the impending expiration of the contract at the current Palm Desert VA Clinic, located at 41990 Cook St., VA initiated its standard federal solicitation and award process. During this process, VA’s primary consideration remained focused on our ability to effectively meet the needs of Veterans, improving access and enhancing care while meeting federal regulations and requirements and maximizing budgetary dollars.

It is important to note the relocation of the VA Clinic will, in no way, interfere with Veteran care. Notice will be sent to every Veteran utilizing the Palm Desert VA Clinic informing them of the location change and providing contact information for Chelsea Black, Division 1 Chief, VA Loma Linda Healthcare System at (562) 577-6109.

STG International, Inc. was established in 1997 and is the only contracted Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) provider to hold The Joint Commission blanket accreditation for Ambulatory Care. Their leadership team is comprised of Veterans and clinician leaders dedicated to providing exceptional care and a world class patient experience for the Nation’s Heroes. Their Outreach Program is led by a former Marine spouse who previously served both Active Duty Service Members and their families, as well as Veterans, and is dedicated to connecting Veterans with the great health care they deserve. Many of STGi’s in-clinic associates have Veterans in their families or are Veterans themselves, resulting in a whole company commitment to customer service that is second to none.



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