PALM SPRINGS – Mayor Pete Buttigieg is expected to have a robust contingent of supporters walking on his behalf in the Palm Springs Pride Parade on Nov. 3. The Palm Springs for Pete entry is expected to draw hundreds of participants from San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and beyond, according to Phillip Moore, who is helping to organize the effort.

Palm Springs For Pete Prepares for Pride Parade

Phillip Moore

Participants are encouraged to wear “Democratic blue” Pete 2020 T-shirts, Moore said. They can be ordered on Amazon. They will also be carrying multiple banners.

The group of Democratic champions will help elevate Buttigieg’s profile in what will be the largest Pride Parade in history, Ron deHarte, President of Palm Springs Pride, told Uken Report. There are 257 contingents in the parade this year.

“We sold out a few weeks ago and are only taking entries if cancellations come in.” deHarte said. “With good 80-degree temperatures, we expect to exceed 65,000 spectators and 8,000 people in the parade.”

Palm Springs For Pete Prepares for Pride Parade

Ron deHarte

Pride Weekend will be the largest gathering of LGBTQ people ever in the city of Palm Springs, deHarte said. It is also the largest three-day event in the city with more than 140,000 participants.

Palm Springs for Pete had an official kickoff event in Palm Springs on Oct. 20 with 230 people attending.

“It was fantastic,” said Moore of Rancho Mirage. “We’re really excited about how easy it is. Everybody is working together in harmony. It’s so cool. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The kindness and harmony in the group stems from the candidate himself, Moore said.

“Pete is respectful, kind, genuine, and he listens to people,” Moore said. He doesn’t talk over people. We all try to follow that in the campaign.”

The effort mushroomed after Moore and his husband, Burt Peachy, launched a Palm Springs for Pete Buttigieg 2020 Facebook page to help get Buttigieg elected president. Today, more than 756 people have “Liked” the page and the list continues to grow.

Buttons, pins, stickers and more are pouring in from groups who want help advance the Buttigieg campaign.

Palm Springs for Pete will have a booth at the Pride Festival.

The excitement and energy in Moore’s voice is palpable, especially in light of new polling. A new Suffolk University/USA Today poll shows Pete Buttigieg within striking distance of frontrunners Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. The South Bend, Indiana mayor has jumped seven percentage points since June, according to Today.

“We want to make a huge difference,” Moore said. “Pete is the one to lead us out of the huge catastrophe we’ve been in.”

If you would like to help with the booth or walk with the contingent in the parade, send an email to or text Moore at 404-426-1982.

You may follow the group on Twitter @PalmButtigieg.


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