Less than 48 hours after the New York Times published a story about accusations of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Alexis McGill Johnson, acting president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, is calling for a full investigation into the controversial Justice.

“It is extremely disturbing to learn that Senate Republicans prevented the FBI from investigating multiple serious allegations of sexual misconduct against a nominee to the Supreme Court,” McGill Johnson said in a prepared statement. “As the highest court in the land, people need to be able to trust the Supreme Court will protect their fundamental rights and freedoms. We call for a full investigation into each allegation against Justice Kavanaugh, which should have occurred before the Senate rushed his nomination through last year. Survivors of sexual assault have the right to be heard.”

The New York Times on Saturday evening published an article about a previously unreported and uninvestigated allegation of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh, who faced multiple allegations during his confirmation process. The New York Times reported that these claims were brought to the attention of senators and the FBI during the confirmation process, but were not investigated.

The newspaper’s report has drawn criticism from President Trump and calls for Kavanaugh to be impeached from some Democratic presidential candidates, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Sen. Kamala Harris of California and former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke.

Sexual assault can be a traumatic, life-changing event, according to Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Sexual assault is more common than many people think; it is vastly underreported for multiple reasons, including that approximately eight out of 10 assaults are committed by someone known to the victim. The unfortunate truth is that too many people who come forward with an experience of sexual assault suffer further hurt and humiliation by having their story dismissed, their integrity doubted, or their motives questioned.

Planned Parenthood health centers provide nonjudgmental reproductive health care to everyone, no matter what, and will continue to believe all survivors.

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