Longtime yoga instructor, Patti Wexler, will teach free power yoga class

CATHEDRAL CITY — Patti Wexler, a certified yoga teacher for more than 20 years, will lead a power yoga class when free sessions begin Tuesday, Jan. 10.

Yoga at the Amphitheater consists of free sessions Jan. 10 through March 28. Both gentle yoga and power yoga will be offered.

To learn more about power yoga, Uken Report (UR) reached out to Wexler to learn more.

UR: What is your background that qualifies you to teach yoga?

Patti Wexler: I have been a certified yoga teacher for over 20 years and have taught in the desert since 2003.

UR: What exactly is power yoga and what can someone expect?

Patti Wexler: Power yoga is a very active style of yoga. It is characterized by a series of poses linked together and synchronized to the breath. It is also known as flow or vinyasa yoga (vinyasa means flow) because the poses are connected, and we flow from one pose to the next. While it is fast paced, like all styles of yoga, power yoga requires mindfulness and focus. Towards the end of the class the pace slows, and certain poses are held a little longer. While power yoga addresses flexibility and balance it is designed to improve muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance.

UR: For whom is it designed?

Patti Wexler: Power yoga can be challenging and is best suited for individuals who have some level of fitness and are active or have maintained an active lifestyle.

UR: What if one has never done any type of yoga?

Patti Wexler: If you are a reasonably fit individual and are used to working out, a power yoga class will provide a workout, but it’s really much more as it integrates a focus on the body, mind and breath.

UR: How does it differ from gentle oga?

Patti Wexler: Gentle yoga moves at a much slower pace than power yoga and it focuses on one posture at a time. Many people find gentle yoga to be very relaxing and restorative, and this style may be a wonderful introduction for beginners but valuable for those with more experience as well.

UR: Are there any restrictions such as age, weight, mobility?

Patti Wexler: There are no restrictions with regards to age or weight. However, if an individual has mobility issues, a gentle yoga class would be better suited for him/her.
As mentioned before, if you are a fit individual, no matter what age or weight and used to working out, there are no restrictions. I have people who attend my power yoga classes of all sizes and range in age from their teens to late 70’s or 80’s.

UR: What are the benefits of Power Yoga?

Patti Wexler: Practicing power yoga can improve flexibility, strength, endurance and balance, can reduce stress and even lower blood pressure!

UR: Why should anyone take this free class?

Patti Wexler: So, they can experience a wonderful community class in the fresh air and sunshine, in a beautiful space with great views! After classes many people say they feel like they had a great work out and feel so much more relaxed!

UR: Anything you would like to add that might encourage one to enroll?

Patti Wexler: This is great opportunity for new and experienced individuals to participate in a rejuvenating and fun class.