PALM SPRINGS – As Democratic Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg heads into Super Tuesday on March 3, he has an unabashed and diverse cheering section pulling for him in Palm Springs.

On March 1, supporters are holding a Pep Rally for Pete at Eight4Nine Restaurant and Lounge, 849 N. Palm Canyon Drive.

Nicholas Snow, producer/host of PromoHomo.TV, is hosting the event.  It will be broadcast LIVE across social media to serve as a pep rally for Pete Buttigieg supporters everywhere. It will be broadcast on Snow’s public page as an episode of PromoHomoTV. You may find his public page by clicking here.

The objective of the event is to continue to raise awareness about Pete’s campaign, his rational and calm approach to issues, and his ability to defeat Donald Trump in November, and to help defeat the GOP down-ticket nation-wide, Rich Weissman, director of The Richard Norris Weissman Charitable Fund. Weissman and his husband, J.D., hosted about 200 people at their Palm Springs home in October for the kick-off of the PS for Pete campaign.

In January, Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s husband, Chasten Buttigieg, came to Palm Springs for a pair of events.

Weissman, a social scientist, statistician, and former writer for Huffington Post. said he began evaluating candidates and studying patterns among Democratic candidates that have won since Truman. All of the victors had five factors/characteristics in common.

“Electability” is the single most important factor for the Democratic nominee in the 2020 Presidential race to defeat Trump-Pence, Weissman said. But what determines electability? He has done an analysis of Democratic candidates who have won and is convinced Pete Buttigieg has the electability “it” factor to occupy the White House. You may read his analysis in his blog by clicking here.

Now that Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada contests are in the history books, Weissman said he remains optimistic for a Pete Buttigieg candidacy.

“In terms of the research I’ve done and how I view the polling and other data:  I continue to see data that show that Pete can win the Democratic nomination and defeat Trump in November,” Weissman told Uken Report. “And, I think his ticket (and I’m confident he will select a wonderful VP candidate) will also play a critical role in defeating the GOP down-ticket. He brings a sense of intelligence, ideas, urgency and rational thinking to the equation. His campaign is not about attacking others, but about building a coalition that can effectuate change. He doesn’t look back, but looks forward and unlike many of his competitors, he presents a vision of where our nation can move in a positive direction. His experience outside of Washington is incredibly important. He’s the outsider who can bring a fresh approach so that we can turn the page to a more progressive era in our nation. His competitors attack him on the very issues on which Americans want to see in a candidate who can defeat Trump: a new and younger generation, a different kind of politician who is not enmeshed in the old Washington ways, and  a leader who has demonstrated the ability to govern and not simply vote on issues, but execute them to improve the lives of his constituents. He is a “roll-up-the-sleeves-and-get-it-done” candidate, and that appeals to Americans across the board.”

Pete Buttigieg also demonstrates empathy and compassion, Weissman said.

“As a member of the LGBTQ community, he knows what prejudice and systemic bigotry feels and looks like,” Weissman said. “And, as someone who put his life on the line in the military, he has shown us what courage looks like, too. All of the polling data show that many Americans are still undecided, and looking for a positive, forward-thinking candidate who is healthy, vibrant, and who brings a new generational outlook to the nation. That’s why I think he will be successful. And thus far, he has the greatest number of delegates. It won’t be a smooth ride; there will be a lot of speed bumps, set-backs and turns in the road along the way. But ultimately, I do think he will be the Democratic nominee. We are a values-based nation, and the values he brings to his candidacy are the most in-line with what most Americans want. That’s a formula for success.”

There are currently more than 70 people committed to attending the Pep Rally for Pete. An average of two to five new registrations arrive each day, according to Hugo Loyola who is helping with the event.

“I agree with everything Rich (Weissman) said 150%,” Loyola said. “Also, as an immigrant and dual citizen (Mexican/American), I am a member of this growing and diverse coalition who is supporting Pete for President.”

The rally will be held from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Lite bites, wine and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided. A nearby no-host full bar will also be available.



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