PALM DESERT — A controversial pro-Trump storefront window in this tony community was vandalized sometime over the weekend. The pro-Trump window was scrawled with white lettering that reads, “Impeach Trump” and “Anyone But Trump.”

The El Paseo storefront, located at 73-995 El Paseo, features 14 naked mannequins wearing “Make America Great Again” caps. All appear  against the backdrop of an American flag.

“This is one more example of the normalization of hostility, with particular reference to the degradation of women,” Lynnie O’Neill, a local social justice advocate of Cathedral City, told Uken Report. “We are inundated daily by these kinds of increasingly casual assaults on common decency, which evidences to me that we are a society being overtaken by the banality of evil.”

The high-profile window also includes photos of prominent Democrats, including Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and more, with tape over their mouths. A pair of message boards hang over their faces. One says, “No more lies” and the other, “No socialism.”

The pro-Trump display features life-size poster images of President Donald Trump by an American flag. He appears enraged with a raised fist.

Denise Robergé, who owns the art gallery and jewelry business, did not return a request for comment regarding pro-Trump exhibit.

Eileen Stern of Palm Springs is a progressive and a delegate in the 42nd District for the California Democratic Convention. She was a delegate to the 2015 California Democratic Convention but took a leap year to actively march, and raise funds in support of Democratic candidates.

She took umbrage with the display but defended Roberge’s First Amendment right.

In a Tweet to Uken Report regarding the pro-Trump display, Stern said, “It is her First Amendment right. And it is also mine to call out her hateful display in a peaceful way! Vandalism is not the answer.”

The above photo was taken about 7:30 a.m. Sunday, June 23.


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