BERMUDA DUNES – Republican Congressional Candidate Dan Ball made a promise to voters  in November that he would release his tax returns. Ball, a candidate for the 36th Congressional District, made good on that promise Sunday.

The Bermuda Dunes resident is the second candidate in this particular race to reveal his tax returns. Look at his returns for yourself here. You can see for yourself his total income for 2017 from his real estate work, speaking engagements and regular job.  Real estate income alone was more than $7,000 and speaking was $3,000.

Ball, 43, has always said he is just an average guy living on an average income, which makes him relatable — and empathetic — to the average American living in the 36th Congressional District.

Promise Made, Promise Kept by GOP Candidate

(Photo Courtesy of Dan Ball for Congress)

“With Congress’ approval rating at an all-time historic low, now more than ever we need legislators that will lead by example,” Ball told Uken Report on Sunday.  “Since day one of our campaign, I’ve pledged to not only serve the people above party and special interests, but also I’ve pledged complete transparency. Our elected officials must be held accountable and disclose interests and financial connections.

“For far too long, career politicians have gotten rich from their service while on the taxpayers’ dime. This must end,” Ball continued. “If elected, I pledge to release my tax returns each and every year while serving the 36th District.”

Ball added this latest pledge to his original four campaign pledges:

  • Turn down the lifetime pension,
  • Refuse the Cadillac healthcare plan that Congressmembers receive while Americans struggle to afford care,
  • Term limits, and finally,
  • Donate a portion of his salary back to aid veterans in the 36th Congressional District.

“My hope is that my example of putting service before self will not only restore people’s faith in government but also will encourage other members of Congress to follow my lead,” Ball said.

Ball is the second Republican challenging Democratic Congressman and Dr. Raul Ruiz for the Congressional seat. Doug Hassett released his returns earlier.

“I’d like to commend Doug Hassett for stepping forward and releasing his returns as well,” Ball said. “I’d hoped Mrs. Brown Pelzer and Congressman Ruiz would do the same, in the interest of full disclosure and transparency.”

Ball, one of five Republicans seeking the seat, was first to bring up the issue of candidates releasing their tax returns.

Ball has repeatedly stated that he would release his tax returns to show he is indeed representing the average, every day residents of the District.

Stephan Wolkowicz, a third Republican seeking the seat, said he would release his tax returns when Ruiz releases his.

Ruiz’s campaign office staff did not return requests for comment.

Stephen Puetz, the political consultant for Kimberlin Brown Pelzer, who has raised more money than any of Ruiz’s challengers, did not return requests for comment.