TSA provides update on summer travel, overview of security checkpoint screening technologies at Palm Springs International Airport

PALM SPRINGS — The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) anticipates a record number of people will be screened through the security checkpoints at Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) during the summer travel, surpassing 2019, pre-pandemic volumes.

Nationwide since June 1, TSA screened an average of 2.27 million people per day, which is a
16% increase over last year’s volumes, but down 11% from pre-pandemic 2019 levels when
TSA was screening approximately 2.56 million people on average per day. So far in July, TSA
saw a surge in the number if people screened around the Fourth of July weekend and anticipates
sustained travel volumes throughout the summer.

As air travel recovered nationally over the past few months, TSA at PSP has seen steady travel
volumes. PSP’s busiest time of year is the winter months when the Coachella Valley’s tourism
season is in full swing. During the summer months, PSP’s consistent passenger volumes are
driven by the addition of more airlines and flights than previous summers.

In March 2022, which is the busiest month so far this year, TSA screened approximately 207,000
people through the security checkpoint at PSP. That was a five percent increase over 2019 pre-pandemic
volumes at PSP when approximately 197,000 people were screened. In March 2021, TSA screened about 119,000 people.

More recently, in June 2022, TSA screened approximately 75,500 people, up from about 68,000
in June 2021. This compares to 2019 when TSA screened nearly 57,000 people during the month
of June.

“No matter the season, TSA at Palm Springs International Airport is on the job and ready to
ensure the safety and security of tourists and residents who are lucky enough to spend time in the
Coachella Valley. Whether it is a peak travel time or a slower period, we encourage all
passengers to come to the security checkpoint early and prepared,” said TSA Federal Security
Director Keith Jeffries who oversees security operations at PSP.

Flight departure schedules are determined by the airlines. When there is a concentrated number
of flight departures over a short period of time, there will be intervals when the number of
departing passengers may exceed the capacity of the TSA security checkpoint for a period of

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