Rajah Reflects on Classes in Quarantine

Hey, my name is Sergio Casarrubias and I am a proud Rajah at Indio High School. In all honesty, this pandemic has given me a well-needed break, considering how stressed I was junior year. It’s given me time to think about my future and college plans, all in the comfort of my home. And it’s also given me time to grow out my luscious locks without the risk of my school seeing it in its awkward phase. But before I get into my conclusions and career decision during the quarantine, I’ll start from the beginning.

Quarantine Gives One Rajah Time to Grow

Indio High School Administration

Last year I was elected as Indio High’s ASB President, a position I had looked up to since I joined ASB my freshman year. But as soon as summer began, I started to worry about not being able to provide my school with fun activities due to all the limitations COVID-19 has brought. But with a great ASB team, school, and community, we were able to create the coolest virtual rally. This was just the beginning: this year we’ve had more spirit weeks then we did on campus, and we’re trying our best to implement the suggestions we get, in the safest way possible. Now in a perfect world, I’d always have a positive attitude, but it took time to accept the reality of not having my ideal senior year. But I’ve learned to appreciate the things I’m able to do and not complain about the things I can’t.

When I signed up for five AP classes last year, I definitely did not think I would be taking them online. Ironically enough, distance learning has benefitted my grades and has given me more time to study on my own. I’ve become more involved in school and being able to keep my school bassoon and quads at home has given me a great way to while away the hours. And I am grateful to have had the opportunity to play in the drumline for my fourth year in marching band; even though it was only a recording of myself playing this year’s show music and pep rally cadences, it served as an outlet from my academic stress.

Another way I spent time during the quarantine was through my theatre class projects. Every so often we’d get assignments that required us to use some of our vocal elements and express ourselves however we’d like. But what I’m really excited about are drama finals and an upcoming play. For my finals, I’m planning to sing a duet from “Shrek the Musical” with my friend. And the play we selected was “10 Ways to Survive a Quarantine,” and although roles haven’t been assigned yet, I’m excited to see what my class can pull off.

It’s unfortunate that I can’t perform at my school’s stage, but hopefully, I’ll be performing at one of the colleges I applied to. So while I wait, I’ll continue to do the things I love and spend moments with family before I’m off to college.


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