Four residents pull papers in Rancho Mirage as they consider a bid for City Council

RANCHO MIRAGE — Four residents have to date pulled papers as they ponder whether to seek a seat on the City Council in the Nov. 8 election, according to City Clerk Kristie Ramos.

The four who have pulled papers, but not yet filed are:

  • Steve Downs
  • Lynn Mallotto
  • Meg Marker
  • Ken Ammann

The seats currently held by Mayor Charles Townsend and Councilmember Iris Smotrich are both up for reelection in November, along with the seat formerly held by Dana Hobart, who quit in November 2021 before the end of his term. The City Council appointed Steve Downs to complete Hobart’s unfinished term.

Downs and his wife Geri have owned a home in Rancho Mirage since 2000 and have been full-time residents since 2002. Downs was appointed to serve on City Council on December 16, 2021. Prior to his appointment, Downs served on the Rancho Mirage Planning Commission for two years and was Commission Vice-Chair at the time of his Council appointment.

Townsend was first elected to the Rancho Mirage City Council in 2014.

Smotrich was first appointed by the Rancho Mirage City Council on July 7, 2011. In 2012, she ran unopposed and was reappointed by the City Council to serve for a two-year term. In 2014, she ran for office and won a resounding victory. She was re-elected to another four-year term in April 2018.

A host of potential candidates is expected to emerge as this community ushers in a majority of new leaders. 

Electing Councilmembers won’t be the only choices voters have. They voters will also have the chance to determine when mayor and mayor pro tem positions should be annually rotated with a choice of two ballot measures that will appear on the Nov. 8 ballot.

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