Riverside County Focusing Resources on Housing Support and Shifts to Biannual Homeless Count

RIVERSIDE — As Riverside County moves to a biannual homeless count, it will now only conduct a sheltered homeless Point in Time (PIT) count in 2024 and move to performing a full PIT in 2025.

This strategic shift, permitted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), will allow the county to allocate resources previously dedicated to the annual count towards housing support. The decision to move to a biannual count allows the county to focus on permanently housing those living in the streets, adding to the 6,104 housed since the 2023 PIT count.

Data from Fiscal Year 2022-2023 indicates Riverside County assisted more than 17,260 unduplicated individuals, with 6,104 individuals receiving permanent housing and critical services. The results also point to a strong system of care, providing permanent housing solutions to 1 in 3 individuals. Of the individuals connected to housing, 86% remain housed, and are on a track to long-term housing stability. This data is also being utilized to map out outreach coordination efforts and efficient provision of services across various regions within Riverside County.

“While we are not conducting an unsheltered count in 2024, we are intensifying our response to homelessness based on the data and knowledge acquired through the 2023 count, along with previous counts,” says Heidi Marshall, Director of HWS, the department responsible for conducting the PIT count. “The HWS Annual Report highlights our progress, which to-date has resulted in 5,186 new housing placements. We remain as committed as ever to addressing this crisis and amplifying our efforts to support those in need.”

Chuck Washington, Chairman of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, expressed his support for the decision, stating, “Our county recognizes the importance of utilizing data to drive effective strategies that combat homelessness. By shifting to a biannual count, we can redirect valuable resources towards housing initiatives while continuing to strengthen our system of care. This decision aligns with our commitment to finding long-term solutions and improving the lives of our homeless population.”

By focusing on the provision of housing and utilizing data-driven insights, Riverside County aims to make significant progress in addressing homelessness. The county, along with the Continuum of Care, remains dedicated to its mission of supporting those in need and ensuring a brighter future for all residents.


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