Comprehensive resources are offered free of charge to unemployed residents

Saturday, Sept. 4 marked the expiration of the pandemic-related unemployment insurance benefits that provided enhanced benefits to unemployed workers impacted by COVID-19.

The extra pandemic unemployment benefits helped millions who had no income for months. The expiration means the federal government stopped paying a $300 per week bonus for everyone on unemployment. The change will affect about two million Californians. The federal pandemic benefits ended but California will still be paying regular unemployment benefits, though it will be lower than what people got used to over the past year and a half.

As these benefits for unemployed workers come to an end, resources are available to Riverside County residents to help them transition back to work through the county’s Workforce Development Centers, also called America’s Job Centers of California.

These comprehensive resources are offered free of charge and include career resource rooms with computer access, resume assistance, career coaching, interview preparation, job search assistance, job training and paid work experience.

“We offer an array of services that are tailored to each job seeker’s needs,” said Carrie Harmon, assistant director of the county’s Department of Housing and Workforce Solutions. “In addition to employment resources, we also offer assistance with childcare, transportation, uniforms and other needs to help workers return to work.”

Services are offered virtually and in-person at one of the county’s four Workforce Development Centers located in Riverside, Moreno Valley, Hemet and Indio.  For more information, click here or call (833) 391-0507 during regularly scheduled business hours.

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