Three key Riverside County programs aimed at providing services to elderly, disabled and homeless individuals received national recognition this month.

From providing coordinated healthcare to better mapping homelessness to higher prosecutions of elder abuse, the National Association of Counties acknowledged how these programs improve the lives of Riverside County residents.

Riverside is the tenth most populous county nationwide and is seeing its aging and disabled population grow significantly. That’s partly why DPSS’ Adult Services Division signed a new agreement in 2018 with two managed care health plans to extend a state-led project and improve coordinated care for the most vulnerable and frail populations. The goal is to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.

“The most effective way we’ve been able to reach more vulnerable clients is by partnering with our community service providers and to use technology to increase our efficiency,” Jennifer Claar, Assistant Director of the Adult Services Division, said in a prepared statement.

When Claar speaks about technology, she’s referring to this year’s homeless count where volunteers used a new mobile app. The new technology helped communities in several ways, including:

  • Specifically locating veterans requesting services
  • Creating an up-to-date geographical view of homelessness
  • Identifying areas not covered for services on the day of the count

The 2019 count of people who are without a home in Riverside County shows a 21 percent increase compared to 2018. In all, volunteers counted a total of 2,811 individuals who are without shelter compared to 2,310 in 2018.

Just as the homeless mapping program helped reach vulnerable customers, so did the CARE Team program. The Adult Services Division partnered with multiple agencies to more efficiently prosecute elder abuse cases and quickly identify and overcome service barriers.

The National Association of Counties has selected the three Adult Services Division programs for Achievement Awards.

“The (National Association of Counties) Achievement Awards affirm we are heading in the right direction,” Claar said.

Riverside County and Riverside County Programs will be recognized at National Association of Counties 2019 Annual Conference and Exposition July 12-15 in Clark County, Nevada.


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