‘I feel as an elected official he should be working to support city employees and solve the problems, not throwing them under the bus,’ Henry said.

Stan Henry Rescinds Support for Ernesto Gutierrez

Former Mayor and Police Chief Stan Henry

CATHEDRAL CITY — Former Police Chief and Mayor Stan Henry confirmed for Uken Report that he has rescinded his endorsement of Mayor Ernesto Gutierrez who is seeking reelection to a second term in office in the Nov. 8 election.

Henry’s withdrawal of support comes about three weeks after Sheriff Chad Bianco told Uken Report he could no longer support Gutierrez.

“This race has gotten very nasty and that is one of the reasons I have requested Ernesto to remove my endorsement for him. Let me explain,” Henry told Uken Report. “I support the police department and Chief Crum 100% and feel they are doing an outstanding job. Are they going to be everywhere or satisfy all residents? No, even if they wanted to and I believe they are trying. I gave my support to Ernesto prior to knowing that there are issues he has had with the Police Department and city employees.”

After his KESQ interview, Henry said he met with the mayor, talked about his concerns and asked him to meet with the Chief to fix his problems with the Chief and the Police Department, Henry said.

During the TV interview, Gutierrez said, “It’s management, upper management is what has a thing against me. Some of our police department management, including our chief, do not like to be held accountable for what’s going on,” Gutierrez told the TV reporter. “I have a boss. My boss is my residents, now I’m doing what they want to be done. They want to make sure I hold every department accountable for their actions. If upper management and out (sic) chief doesn’t like it, too bad I’m going to continue having to do what I have to do.”

Henry said that the mayor assured him that he would meet with the chief.

“After that, on Oct. 14th he posted on his Facebook accounts that city employees’ salaries (which you know are public record) are the cause of lack of quality in the city,” Henry said. “This was unacceptable to me! He has continued to attack the Police Department and officers, which I don’t agree with and have asked him to remove my endorsement.”

Henry said Gutierrez has taken down the former police chief’s endorsement on his personal Facebook account, but said he is having problems removing the one on his City Council account.

“I feel as an elected official he should be working to support city employees and solve the problems, not throwing them under the bus,” Henry said.

Stan Henry Rescinds Support for Ernesto GutierrezGutierrez had criticized officer’s pay, saying it’s too high. He has also claimed they are lazy and play videos while on the job. He has criticized them for not enforcing municipal code. The ongoing war of words has escalated. Members of the Cathedral City Police Officers’ Association have blanketed the city with signs encouraging residents to “Vote No” on Ernesto. They also vow to go door-to-door to get their message out to residents.

During public comments Wednesday, Oct. 26, Jesse Borrego, president of the Cathedral City Police Officers Association. addressed residents and the mayor, the latter with a stinging rebuke.

“First, I want to assure all residents of our wonderful city, that the hard-working men and women of your Police Department will continue to fulfill our agency’s mission of providing the community with progressive professional police services, dedicated to ensuring public order, a sense of community, well-being and a responsiveness with integrity and excellence.”

“Mr. Mayor, during last council meeting on October 12th, you mentioned bringing ‘Pricey Big Burritos’ to our police department to show your support for our organization,” Borrego said. “On face value you led the public to believe it was a kind gesture. Mr. Mayor, this gesture was perceived as a selfish motive due to our officers arresting an individual who had stolen campaign signs from the front of your restaurant. We felt this wasn’t out of kindness, but only due to a circumstance you benefited from.”

We don’t agree with your statement about us thinking that making our city beautiful is a nuisance, Borrego said.

“This statement could not be further from the truth,” Borrego said. We have multiple officers and staff who live in Cathedral City and take pride in calling this city their home.”

“Due to your home construction and real-estate business ventures, we ask, is this clean-up for the betterment of the residents — or for the betterment of your own real-estate investments in the low-income areas you have us target,” Borrego asked rhetorically.

Borrego then took aim at Gutierrez’s residence, wondering aloud if the mayor actually lives in the district for which he is running.

“You recently posted on social media about a “Concerned Resident” asking if our police department and fire department salaries are sustainable,” Borrego said. “Why have we not seen you post “Concerned resident” postings about you not living within the district you are running for.”

Every news article we read in which you make a comment about a city accomplishment contains the word “I” and not “we,” Borrego said. “Let’s be reminded that all measures and changes in this city require the vote of all Council members and countless hours of work from organizations and individuals to bring these ideas forward.”

The recent rescinding of Sheriff Chad Bianco’s and Retired Police Chief Stan Henry’s endorsements for your candidacy echoes our own sentiments about your leadership.

“It is because of this arrogance, selfishness and lack of support we are asking the residents of District 4 to vote ‘no’ on your re-election,” Borrego said. “We recently announced the endorsement of a more qualified candidate, Rick Saldivar, who has time and time again given back to the community and not his personal agenda. Mr. Saldivar has devoted over 15 years of community involvement by establishing programs that better individuals’ lives and has worked on bringing funding to communities and empowering our local youth.”


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