Stephen Vericker

Cathedral City Council prepared to accept resignation of Stephen Vericker from the Parks and Community Events Commission

CATHEDRAL CITY — For the third time this year, a member of the Parks and Community Events Commission, Stephen Vericker, is stepping down effective immediately.

The City Council is positioned to formally accept the resignation Wednesday, March 22. His term was set to expire in June.

Vericker told Uken Report that he is leaving for health reasons.

In January, the City Council accepted the resignations of two commissioners. One resigned for health reasons, the other was disgruntled and claimed nothing had gotten done in 18 months.

The five-member Parks and Community Events Commission assesses the recreational services and facilities of the community. It makes recommendations to the City Council on such matters as implementation of the Parks Master Plan, parks facilities and usage, funding and sponsorship solicitation, recreational programming, special events and cooperative partnerships with other agencies, businesses and organizations to leverage resources.


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