‘To my fellow veterans, thank you for your service.’ — Tom Freeman [Opinion]

On Friday, Nov. 11, 2022, these United States of America will celebrate Veterans Day.

This day we honor veterans from our Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard.

These patriotic men and women served during war and peace. They may have been compelled to serve by draft or by voluntarily enlisting.

Our soldiers, marines, sailors, airmen, and guardians represent the world’s greatest democracy. They served in distant lands and here at home.

They stood for what is right here in the United States and for freedom around the world. They fought in long and some unpopular wars.

Soldiers, marines, sailors, airmen or guardians don’t set policy. Our constitution leaves national defense policy to our elected leaders in Washington, D.C.

Our veteran’s answered the call, paid the price, put their lives on the line to implement our nation’s policy. When 99% of our country elected not to serve, these men and women showed up and stood up for freedom here and abroad.

This Veteran’s Day you have the opportunity to thank our Veterans for their service. You may join our fellow Americans at a prayer vigil, parade, or picnic.

Maybe you will have time to say, ‘thank you’ to a veteran you see who may be wearing a vest or cap that says “veteran.” Maybe it’s a wave at a car displaying those special Veteran license plates.

Maybe you will take time to take your family to a military history museum. Here the story of these heroes and patriotic men and women come alive.

Maybe you will take time to visit a national or state veteran’s cemetery. These special places are the final resting place for our patriotic Americans and have been adorned with flags at thousands of gravesites by volunteers. Some of these places have special services you may enjoy.

Perhaps your church, synagogue, or temple will pay a special tribute to veterans in attendance. Thank you goes a long way from those in our religious institutions. For it’s the veterans who along with the good Lord guaranteed your right to practice that faith.

Veteran’s Day isn’t just another day off for hard working Americans or a day out of school. The reason 99 percent of Americans can go to a mall, movie, lake, or a beach on Veterans Day is because a member of your community served our nation in the uniform of their branch of the United States Armed Forces.

To my fellow veterans, thank you for your service. To the families of those veterans, thank you for your support and sacrifices. To America’s businesses who offer a free meal or discount to veterans on this special day or year around, thank you. It is appreciated.




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