A simple thank you means a lot to a vet. [Opinion]

Some 41 million Americans have earned a title by service which cannot be bought at any price — that title is Veteran. Thank you.

Today, we celebrate Veterans Day 2023. We honor all 41 million American who are this nation’s veterans.

They served in war and peace. Around the world in faraway places. They didn’t pick their assignments, the service did. The just did their duty and showed up and stood up for freedom.

Our Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard are the finest men and women in uniform and send a powerful message of “peace through strength.”

Today’s Veterans are alums of an elite defense force. They are willing to sacrifice their lives that others may live. They ask for little or nothing in return. It’s a fraternity or sorority whose pledge is duty, honor, and country.

Our nation and its freedoms are bought and paid for by our Veterans. Todays armed forces, in a tradition dating back to 1776, is free in large part because our veterans served.

It was Abraham Lincoln who said it was our obligation “To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan.” It’s an obligation to provide for their health long after they served. Our Veteran’s Administration is supposed to do that along with our Congress and Senate.

The freedoms we hold dear —free speech, freedom of movement, freedom to worship, and the freedom to love who you want — that’s what veterans helped to protect.

The nation, states, and our valley celebrate veterans with parades, flyovers, ceremonies, and more. Join in if you can and time permits. When our flag passes by you should stand alongside the veteran who jumped to stand and salute our national symbol.

The veterans remember those with whom they served. The lifelong bonds they share. The agony of loss and those wounded. Many fondly recall basic training and a Drill Instructor. Yes, they recall live fire exercises, jump school training, survival schools, deployment, and many the sting of battle.

Those who serve today and in the distant past have “chosen the path less trod upon.” They went where they were told and in doing so have liberated nations and saved the lives of millions.

This Veterans Day is a great opportunity for those who haven’t served to say “thank you for your service.” A simple thank you means a lot to a vet.

Veterans also appreciate the recognition at those parades and celebrations. We thank those businesses who offer a meal or discount, too. That’s not necessary but it’s appreciated.

Let’s thank and remember those who served. Enjoy the three-day weekend that honors those who served and sacrificed. They earned you much more than a three-day weekend.


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