(Mr. President,)  “You have ‘united’ Americans much faster than any of the political experts on CNN or Fox could have ever predicted.” [Opinion]

Mr. President:

You have kept your promise to “unite Americans.” You made that promise to “unite” us when you sought the Blue Party nomination for President and did it again as your party’s nominee in the General Election.

When the majority of Americans ballots were counted, you won and took office, bringing your “Build Back Better“ slogan with you.

You have “united” Americans much faster than any of the political experts on CNN or Fox could have ever predicted.

Today, America’s families are “united” paying more for just about everything. Gas and diesel fuel prices are up almost 50% in some places. Families trying to celebrate Thanksgiving will be paying 24% more for turkeys — and that pie, tamales, and veggies, will cost us all another 14% more.

Uniting around the family Christmas tree won’t be cheap this year either. Americans wishing to celebrate Christmas will find a fresh cut tree will cost families 22% more than last year. Seems that inflation and transportation issues are building higher prices.

Your “better” in “Build Back Better” plan is making things “better” for your friends at OPEC  (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries). They are doing back flips as the price of a barrel of oil is heading to $120 a barrel. You have put the “better” into massive profits for countries that still “build” plants that process fossil fuels.

You have “united“ our fellow Americans who had jobs in the oil, natural gas, and coal mining industries in the unemployment lines, too! American families are now struggling to figure out how they will keep homes, apartments, mobile homes, and condos warm.

But, hey, since  your “Blue” policy and attack on a once-thriving oil and gas industry resulted  in “uniting“ Americans,  we will pay something, like 35% more to heat homes this winter. Sound better to you?

Your party has passed pass a $2 trillion plan full of cash and prizes for all your friends and pet causes.  That “builds” our massive deficit. Despite claims that this thing will ”pay for itself,” your own nonpartisan friends at the Congressional Budget Office say that well over $350 billion won’t be paid for.

Build Back Better? Hey, “better“ and higher inflation rates are going keep rolling in when all that free money hits the economy.

Americans are “united“ and many are wondering how they can afford to eat. Your record inflation means those most vulnerable Americans have less for everything they need and despite claims that “everyone’s  income is up,” it ain’t up enough to buy things like diapers, medicine, or a used or new car or truck. Even riding public transportation is up!

But, hey, you are doing great pushing electric cars while you were in Detroit. And, thanks for sharing with us how your dad “bought you a brand new Corvette for a your wedding present.”

Just 3% of Americans can afford to give their kids a $120,000 Corvette for a wedding present.  That 3% figure was probably before your proposed tax increase and has those folks scrambling to find new ways to avoid taxes.

Oh, that new electric vehicle Hummer plug while at GM’s Factory Zero plant is super cool and costs $135,000. Good to know every federal government employee will have one. While I was a federal employee, we got those little Dodge and Chrysler K cars when the feds bailed out Chrysler.

Yep, those who want to get married and “build” a life together are learning it costs a lot more to get married under your plan, too. You and your team have covered just about everything in your “Build Back Better” plan.

Before your “Build Back Better” plan and despite a pandemic, our heroes in the energy industry had American energy independent. Sadly, your Administration blames the OPEC nations for ignoring your request to increase oil production.

As you “built” a course of shutting down an industry that had gas prices as low as $1.60 a gallon, your Blue team tells Americans that it’s “Russia’s fault” that we have high gas prices. The “Go-Green-at-all-cost “ members of your Blue Party did this to unite us all. Sounds like another Russian investigation recipe to me.

Thank you, Mr. President! You have succeeded in “building” a crap sandwich for those Americans you promised to “unite.” Before they even eat that sandwich, they have to pay more for the sliced bread, too!

Americans are “united” in their lack of approval for your plans. Americans expect better and will be expressing their opinions at the polls in 2022.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Editor’s note: The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Uken Report.

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