On one of the Cathedral City social media pages the headline picture reads, “Democracy Dies In Darkness.”

It is true that transparency is the best way to make sure that everyone understands the issues and candidates’ positions. Transparency is vital so that the voters can make a reasoned and intelligent decision.

I have asked my opponent to join me at a Candidate forum so that the residents in our district – Cathedral City District One – can have a chance to meet us and ask where we stand on issues and what our goals are if we are elected to City Council.

So far, she has refused.

I am not sure why, since the event would be at a public place and moderated by an independent non-political individual. In reality, since I have a five-year history on the Planning Commission and City Council, I am likely better known than she is. So, it is in her interest to participate in such a forum much more so than me. So, I make this Democracy challenge again.

Lets have a candidate forum, in a public location, with an independent moderator. Let’s give the residents of Cathedral City District One a chance to evaluate their candidates in person.

The ballots are already in the mail. Time is of the essence.


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