Research Shows Some People Saved Money This Summer and Many Plan to Travel This Fall

Labor Day marks the end of summer road trips and vacations, however, a new Auto Club survey shows many people will continue to travel during the autumn months.

The online survey, which was conducted across the United States in early August, showed gas prices and inflation did have an impact on some travelers’ plans this summer. According to the survey, 66% said they traveled less this summer than they typically would, and 80% said they made cutbacks to save money, with those between the ages of 18 to 34-years-old cutting back the most.

The top areas where consumers saved included:

  • Non-grocery shopping (clothing, electronics, etc.) – 49%
  • Driving – 44%
  • Going to movies – 36%
  • Flying – 29%
  • Other recreational activities (sporting events, concerts, theater, etc.) – 29%

According to the Auto Club’s late summer survey, about 32% of Americans will travel for Labor Day weekend. Of those who plan to travel, the vast majority (82%) will go by automobile. According to Auto Club travel advisors, the top destinations for hotel, cruise and tour bookings for Southern Californians are: Las Vegas, San Diego, Orlando, Alaska, Fort Lauderdale, Nashville, Hawaii, and Europe.

“More international destinations are open to travelers without COVID-19 testing and vaccination requirements,” said Heather Felix, the Auto Club’s vice president of travel products & services. “Right now, travelers can find some great deals for future travel, especially on cruises. For those who want to travel in the fall, the best advice is to get those plans in place as soon as possible due to the pent-up demand, work with a reputable travel advisor who is aware of the requirements where you want to go and consider travel insurance that would cover trip interruptions.”

The recent Auto Club survey found that most respondents are planning trips this autumn. According to those polled, this fall:

  • 73% plan to take a leisure trip after Labor Day
  • 52% will take a road trip
  • 30% will fly somewhere
  • 7% will take a cruise

According to the survey, the most popular international cruises this fall will be voyages to destinations in the Caribbean, Canada, Europe, and Mexico.

Auto Club Offers Tips to Keep the Friendly Skies Friendly

For those who are flying somewhere for the long Labor Day weekend or this fall, the Auto Club recommends travelers:

  • Work with a reputable travel advisor who can be your advocate while you are away
  • Download and use airline apps to get boarding passes, track bags and receive flight updates
  • Travel at least a day before important events, such as weddings, funerals, cruises or international connections
  • Book early morning flights because they are less prone to delays and cancellations
  • Get to the airport extra early and schedule longer layovers – a one hour layover may not be enough time to make a connection these days
  • If you must sit with friends or family members, consider fares that allow you to choose your seats
    Consider purchasing travel insurance
  • Pack smart so you don’t holdup the boarding process trying to fit carry-ons into overhead luggage bins
  • Remain kind, patient and courteous with airline and airport staff as well as with other passengers

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