CATHEDRAL CITY — The man who once led the police force in this community, Travis Walker, remains sidelined and on paid administrative while an internal investigation continues, Communications Manager Chris Parman confirmed.

While on leave, Walker continues to draw his city salary. Walker receives a monthly salary of $16,762.37 with an additional 10% education stipend, according to public records the City Clerk’s office released. Walker also receives a $135 monthly uniform allowance. Walker is estimated to be drawing roughly $18,573.61 a month.

The investigation centers on allegations a police dispatcher made against Travis Walker. On July 30, Loran Candelas sued Walker and the city for sexual harassment. She spared no details in alleging how Walker made sexual advances in the workplace and attempted to force her to have sex with him while in an Indian Wells hotel during a work conference.

An undisclosed firm was retained in May to “handle” the personnel matter involving Travis Walker.

Now, almost six months after being sidelined, those close to Walker claim he is working an exit strategy in the way of a settlement with the city. Signs point in that direction. He blatantly thumbed his nose at city employment regulations, which call for senior city staff, such as the police chief, to receive permission from the city manager to start a new job or establish a new business.

The regulations went into effect in July.

That same month, on July 24, Walker registered a business, Aspis Safety Inc. He lists himself as the CEO. According to the website, Aspis Safety Inc. offers speaking engagements, training courses, and risk consultation.

Walker, who was placed on leave May 2, had been with the Cathedral City Police Department less than three years before the allegations surfaced. Walker joined the Cathedral City Police Department in September of 2016 as the Deputy Chief of Police.Walker was named chief after Chief George Crum retired in November 2017.

Deputy Chief Anthony Yoakum continues to serve as acting chief during the Walker investigation.

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