JR Corrales employs ‘Very Interesting’ Campaign Strategy

CATHEDRAL CITY —  In reviewing campaign disclosure documents in District 2, you quickly get the feeling that there is a unique campaign strategy in play here. Turns out, there is.

There are are two candidates seeking a four year-term in District 2: JR Corrales and Nancy Ross. 

Unique Campaign Strategy Emerges in Cathedral City

Nancy Ross

Campaign disclosure documents show that between July 1 and Sept. 19, Ross reported $10,670 in total contributions. She reported total expenses of $5,301 with an ending cash balance $5,369.

Raising money is a typical campaign strategy for typical candidates in a typical election cycle.

JR Corrales is anything but typical.

His campaign disclosure form, Form 460, was noticeably absent, which begged the question: Why?

“At the time the statement was due he did not have a committee nor had he met the $2,000 threshold and was not required to file one,” City Clerk Tracey Martinez said.

It is all part of his campaign strategy.

Corrales has elected not to tap residents and businesses for hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of dollars for a local City Council race.

Unique Campaign Strategy Emerges in Cathedral City

JR Corrales

“I felt with so many people losing their jobs and their homes during the coronavirus pandemic, it was irresponsible,” Corrales told Uken Report.  “It would be a spit in their face.”

Rather than spend hard-earned money on obnoxious billboards, which Corrales said research shows are ineffective, he is interacting with residents on social media, in one-on-one conversations, and the telephone. He gives out his number to anyone who asks.

“I want to focus on connecting with people,” Corrales said.

Corrales, who describes himself as liberal, has the backing of both Democrats and Republicans heading into the Nov. 3 race. Some of his notable endorsements come from City Councilors Mark Carnevale, and Ernesto Gutierrez. Former Police Chief and Mayor Stan Henry and former Mayor Kathy DeRosa have also endorsed Corrales.

Councilor Rita Lamb told Uken Report she has contributed financially to his campaign, but she has not officially endorsed Corrales.

“I’m trying to bridge the gap,” Corrales said. “It’s important to respect each others’ point of view. This is a nonpartisan race, It’s time to put national politics aside and put Cathedral City first. My passion and love for Cathedral City is second to none.”

Though Corrales has elected not to seek thousands of dollars in donations, he emphasized that he does not judge those who do. He is doing what he believes is right for him.



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