Ivan Montoya and Joey Salamon’s Transformative Jackson Street Bridge Mural Takes Center Stage

INDIO — The Jackson Street Bridge has been undergoing an artistic transformation, and to celebrate its completion, there will be a mural unveiling on Dec. 6 at 3:30 p.m. The celebration will feature mural artists Ivan Montoya and Joey Salamon.

The unveiling ceremony is set for 3:30 p.m. Dec. 6 at the Jackson Street Bridge – Parking is located at the corner of Fargo Street and Bliss Avenue.

Artists Ivan Montoya and Joey Salamon have been meticulously crafting a masterpiece to bring rich character and tie in the history of Indio using form, color and imagery to the bridge pillars and walls.

A run-of-the-mill underpass and provided artists a canvas to beautify the space.

Montoya and Salamon and Public Arts Analyst Leila Namvar will be available to speak to the project.

Both artists have infused the expansive mural with details unique to Indio across the approximately 16,000 square feet of surface area under and along the Jackson Street Bridge. Unique elements to Indio, such as flora and fauna, pottery, shapes, and color scheme, have been thoughtfully woven into the design.

The City’s Public Arts Work Plan was created on April 6, 2022, In July 2022, the city’s Public Arts Commission sought proposals from artists to paint two different murals within the city. At the time, there were 10 murals in the city of Indio that represent the history of the city.

The Public Arts Commission then sought creation of a site-specific mural adorn the columns and wing walls located under the Jackson Street Bridge. It is the city’s 13th mural, according to Karina Campos, marketing assistant.

RFPs have gone out for future murals. City leaders want Indio to be the place for the arts and it shows.

There will be opportunities on Dec. 6 for interviews and pictures with the artists.

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