CATHEDRAL CITY — I became a born-again Christian 42 years ago at age 17 and I’ve since then and still today identify as a Pentecostal, or as I sometimes prefer, a “Holy Roller.”

In my walk of faith I have, as many others have, struggled at times and even failed at times, yet I’ve always managed to get back on my feet because of the humbling truth that God had forgiven me in my failings and loved me as his child. All of us who are followers of the God of Abraham celebrate his love by embracing one another as brothers and sisters. Even those whom we may disagree with or are at odds with, we love them still just as God’s love for us all is equal.

In the last several days I’ve found it deeply troubling that this spirited debate over filling a vacancy on the City Council in Cathedral City has turned into a challenge of certain people’s faith, their political beliefs and question of the values of a growing LGBTQ voice in our city.

Nothing good ever comes out of these rhetorical accusations nor does the stoking of angry misdirection help determine the best path forward. The only real question at hand is whether this vacancy on the council is filled by a resident of District 1 or by a resident “at large” and nothing more.

Anything beyond that is simply the venting of frustration by one group of people placing blame on another group of people for all that’s going wrong in their lives. That’s the path of someone who’s too quick cast the first stone when their “truth” is spoken without truth.

Let’s focus on the question of candidate “at large” versus candidate by “district” and nothing more.