SACRAMENTO — Jesus Sandoval Macias, an undocumented immigrant, who was convicted of six counts of second degree murder for his actions during a high speed chase in Temecula was recently granted parole — a decision with which Sen. Jeff Stone, R-Riverside County, takes issue.

Stone has requested Gov. Gavin Newsom to vacate the parole board’s decision.

The decision stems from an incident in June 1992. Macias was driving a a stolen Chevrolet Suburban, which was carrying a dozen other undocumented immigrants. He sped through a red light at an intersection near Temecula Valley High School  and collided with a car.

Three people were killed: A local banker John Davis, 46, his son Todd, 18, and his friend Monisa Emilio, 14. All were on their way to the campus.

The Suburban then skidded down the sidewalk next to the school hitting and killing brother and sister Gloria Murillo, 17, and Jose Murillo, 16.

Several days later one of the undocumented immigrants inside the Suburban died from his injuries.

The Border Patrol Crash, as it became known, shocked the small community which demanded action from local, state, and federal officials, according to Stone, who was a member of the Temecula City Council at the time of the crash.

“During his month long trial in December 1993, Macias sat with his head down and never expressed remorse for his victims,” Senator Stone wrote.

Macias was sentenced to 15 years to life.

Stone to Newsom: Vacate Parole Board Decision

Sen. Jeff Stone

“Since his conviction, Mr. Macias has been denied parole several times, including a decision as recent as April 3, 2018, when it was denied for three years,” wrote Senator Stone. “From statements I’ve read and conversations I’ve had with law enforcement officials, Mr. Macias has done little to rehabilitate himself and has been judged to still pose a moderate risk to the community by committing further criminal acts upon his release.”

On October 8, 2019, the Parole Board reversed its decision of 18 months earlier and granted parole to Macias, pending a decision to accept or vacate the parole by Governor Newsom.

“Please consider the victims and use your Constitutionally granted powers to overturn the decision of the Parole Board and keep a murderer who has shown no remorse behind bars,” wrote Senator Stone.

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