Coachella Valley Equity Collaborative’s COVID-19 response yields 32,067 vaccine doses to date

More than 32,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses have been given to the Coachella Valley’s most vulnerable residents since the Desert Healthcare District and Foundation created in fall 2020 a collaborative of eight nonprofit partners and Riverside University Health System as a part of its pandemic response.

With a focus on the equitable distribution of COVID-19 testing, resources and vaccines to farmworkers, seniors, the economically disadvantaged, and other underserved residents, the Coachella Valley Equity Coalition (CVEC) grew during the past eight months. It has awarded $3.1 million to local community- and faith-based organizations to help educate and serve the valley, as of August 2, 2021. It now has 20 collaborative partners which include Rite Aid Pharmacies, the Public Health Institute, Growing Coachella Valley, and all three valley public school districts.

The results of CVEC’s efforts — including the number of COVID-19 vaccine clinics offered and percentages of residents vaccinated across the valley to date — are now available at a glance. See the data in this infographic from the Desert Healthcare District and Foundation.

“The infographic shows that by working with our dedicated partners, the Desert Healthcare District and Foundation has been able to provide a level of protection against the pandemic to community residents who face innumerable barriers to accessing health and wellness services,” said Conrado Bárzaga, District and Foundation CEO. “While the rise of the Delta variant has made us all aware we have more work ahead, the data reveal that we’ve made significant progress.”



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