Record-breaking heat stalls restoration of the Mayor Gregory S. Pettis Fountain of Life

The $146,850 restoration of the Mayor Gregory S. Pettis Fountain of life, one of the Valley’s beloved water features, has fallen victim to record-breaking heat,

Restoration of the highly popular Fountain of Life, under construction since June 16, was slated to be completed by the end of July.

The sizzling weather is expected. to continue. Palm Springs, for example, has already broken several temperature records this summer, with both its hottest June and July ever recorded. On June 17, Palm Springs reached 123 degrees, tying the city’s all-time record for the hottest day ever.

The restoration project includes restoring water statues and the main fountain pillars, replacing multiple mosaic tiles that are missing, and cleaning off years of mineral build-up on the overall interactive water feature.  The record-breaking heat has caused delays as workers must perform time-consuming and tedious work to repair the mosaic tiles in blistering conditions, according to Chris Parman, communications manager for Cathedral City.  Construction crews are meticulously continuing the fountain’s restoration bringing its majestic colors back to its original beauty.

An additional delay will occur with the installation of the soft blue surface that surrounds the interactive water fountain. The manufacturer has notified the city that in order to properly pour and seal the soft surface, outside temperatures must remain below 100 degrees for at least three days following the pour.  Any temperature above 100 degrees immediately following the installation will void the warranty.

The city realizes that the Fountain of Life is a treasured landmark for our residents and visitors, so we want to make certain that this restoration will last many years for the enjoyment of all, according to Parman.  “We look forward to the day in the near future, as much as you do, when families are once again gathered to play and wedding photos are being captured.  In the meantime, let’s hope for cooler temperatures.”

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