Nachhattar Singh Chandi for Governor? He is Better Qualified than Most. [Opinion]

California may get to vote for a new Governor. Some folks have already thrown their names in the race. They are Caitlyn Jenner, John Cox, Jeff Hewitt and others. But what about Nachhattar Chandi for Governor?

The Democratic Party has chosen to stand behind the Governor. That means that no Democratic Party member has tossed his or her name into the race. Should polls show that a recall is likely you will see the Dems field a candidate or two.

Those that say the Governor would resign don’t get him. He is no quitter! He’s not just going to turn this office over to the Lt. Governor and ride off into the sunset.

As California party registrations go, Democrats hold a slight lead over Independents. Bringing up the rear are the Republicans. So, whoever may run must get votes from a wide spectrum of voters.

The last recall in 2003 saw Gray Davis replaced with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold was immensely popular when he took office. However, after he backed a series of ballot measures, he took more hits than a softball at a pick up game and left office under appreciated.

Nachhattar S. Chandi, a California businessman, who has lent considerable support to Democratic leaders, Republican leaders and candidates from those parties in state and national races, might be someone who could be interested.

It is worth mentioning he supported the state’s only Independent elected to the Legislature. He has his bases covered. He has been attacked for supporting various candidates and called many names. Yet, he does what he thinks is right and supports who he believes will do a good job in whatever office they seek.

He came to the USA from India as a teenager, and as he tells it, “I went from India to Indio” after landing at LAX.

He got a job pumping gas and changing tires at the Black Gold Gas Station in the City of Coachella. He worked tirelessly, saved his money, slept on a cot in the back of the gas station and eventually bought the place.

Chandi learned the business and later became a franchise owner of ARCO AM-PM. Once with ARCO, he set sales records in his Coachella store. He realized that he could own and operate additional franchises —and he did just that.

Today he is one of the most successful franchises owners in ARCO history. He has stores from Imperial County to the State Capital in Sacramento.

Not satisfied with being only in the gas business, he added franchises for fast food and sit-down restaurants. Tired of what he said was  being “ripped off” he began building his own facilities using his own construction company which he named Black Gold Builders.

Nachhattar Singh Chandi is a generous man. He has helped many family members and friends start their own businesses. This isn’t the conventional thinking of most business owners . Many owe him a great deal. yet he never expects anything from them but friendship.

He has helped pay military honors for funerals of  Veterans, purchased a building which be donates for use as a church in Indio. He has been great to employees, often providing no interest loans so they could by a home, a car, or repay creditors. He has been generous to local charities with his own money. He has helped countless people in need and has been a good neighbor and brother.

He is the son that every parent wishes they had. He honors his parents, cares for their every need, and he is as good to his brothers and sister as he is to his mom and dad. It is just amazing that a person who works so hard each day finds time for his wife, children, family, and community.

Those that say he has no government experience are wrong. He has more experience dealing with city, county, state, and federal office holders and polices than most candidates.

Just try to build a gas station anywhere in this state. You’ll learn you must understand zoning, tax laws, development fees, labor law, environmental law and regulations, public policy, and the politics that come with serving in a state the size of California.

Chandi has a winning smile. It can light up a room and make you laugh. He is a person that keeps his word. Don’t take this nice guy as a pushover. He is strong and decisive.

California may not recall this Governor. After all, voters liked him enough to give him a decisive victory. However, if California seeks a new face to lead it, then a person with the proven success in business such as Nachhattar Singh Chandi is a person that could bring California to new heights.

It’s doubtful Chandi would walk away from his business to run California. He often says, “I love this country and this state.” He does and while it is unlikely he would seek the office, he would make California safer and more prosperous.

Our country needs fresh ideas and new leaders in city hall, school districts, county offices, state government, and Washington.

One of the many great things about America is the fact that we are the home to many like Chandi. They are the leaders of the future.

This is still the greatest nation in the world. A teenager can come here from a farm in India and be a leading citizen and maybe a Governor.

Run, Chandi, run!

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