Afghanistan citizens will perish because they declared their faith [Opinion]

As the world watches events unfold in Afghanistan, we know that 5,000 Afghanistan citizens face slaughter.

They face death because they declared their faith as Christians.  The Taliban, now in control of Afghanistan, has been systematically executing those who cooperated  (worked with) France, Britain, the U.S. , and others in  the effort to rid the world of terrorism.

How do the Taliban know what the faith of those 5,000 Afghanistan citizens religious preferences? The government maintains a data base on its citizens and 5,000 of its citizens declared their Christian faith. The government maintained that data base.

When Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled his country and his 300,000 member Army surrendered to the Taliban , those records became the property of the Taliban.

This isn’t an opinion piece about faith. It does not matter your religion or your choice to not have a faith. It is about  what could be the murder of 5,000 men, woman, and children who believe in their chosen faith and face death at the hands of those who are killing in the name of a religion.

The is doing something about this travesty. They have raised $21 million in less than a week to airlift these people of faith out of Afghanistan on charter flights.

This organization is dedicated to protecting and serving those of all faiths who are being persecuted for their faith. That means people of all faiths — not just Christians.

Americans take for granted our numerous freedoms guaranteed by our Bill of Rights, Constitution, laws and regulations. One sacred right and freedom is the option to practice your faith and, yes, practice no faith.

Beyond these 5,000 men and women of faith, 15,000 Americans are stuck in Afghanistan. Our Pentagon leadership has failed to anticipate what would happen when our troops were withdrawn.

Many of us remember the withdrawal of U.S. Forces from Vietnam at the end of that war. We also remember South Vietnam citizens fleeing the communist troops to avoid death as they had helped U.S. Forces.

What we are seeing now unfolding in Afghanistan is a failure of our military “leadership“ at the Pentagon. This is not a failure of our soldiers, marines, sailors, or airmen!

This epic failure is being witnessed by all of us and all our allies and enemies around the world.  Americans in Afghanistan must be rescued and evacuated. So must those who worked side by side with our military and allied forces.

While the British and French send out rescue teams to bring their citizens out of Afghanistan the U.S. State Department tells us and the world that our citizens “must get to the airport” to be returned home.

We are a great nation! Why aren’t we rescuing our fellow citizens who are in harm’s way? Why are our civilian and military “leaders“ at the Pentagon and our State Department “leaders” letting Americans in harm’s way face fear and loss of life?  Why didn’t they plan for this crisis?

Thank you to the, our troops on the ground, and for all those who are helping evacuate Americans, British, French, and others in harm’s way in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

Thank to Glenn Beck and those focused on this crisis and to all those who donated the $21 million  to underwrite this Christian airlift and rescue operation. As of Thursday, at Beck’s The Blaze, the audience has raised over $10 million dollars in the past 24 hours. The idea of raising $20 million by the end of the week seemed impossible at a moment’s notice. But they tallied $13 million by the end of their Thursday program.

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