Statement on Donald Trump’s indictment from former counterterrorism prosecutor Will Rollins

CORONA — Today, former counterterrorism prosecutor and candidate for Congress Will Rollins released the following statement following the U.S. Department of Justice indicting former President Trump over “efforts to stop the transfer of power after his 2020 election loss and his role in the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection.”

“Those of us in federal law enforcement who helped prosecute the Capitol attackers swore an oath to defend the Constitution – the exact same document that now affords the former president Due Process and the presumption of innocence. Like so many others arrested in connection with January 6, he is not above the law, and his fate can now rest in the hands of jurors, fellow citizens.

“As a counterterrorism prosecutor, I was privileged to work alongside law enforcement officers from all over the United States who helped track down and arrest insurrectionists. I ran for Congress because while law enforcement professionals honored our oaths to defend the Constitution, Rep. Calvert violated his oath, joining in the effort to overturn the election and calling for dropping charges against people who assaulted the Capitol and its police officers.

“The Inland Empire and Coachella Valley deserve a new generation of leadership focused on fighting your battles for your future, not the former president’s battles over his past. Growing up in a family of Republicans and Democrats, I know that our country does best with smart, pragmatic leaders in both parties who are willing to compromise, work hard, and respect the rule of law – and each other – even when they lose. That’s why no matter which party you belong to, Riverside County families will always be my top priority in Congress. No matter who you voted for in 2020 or end up voting for in 2024, I will never substitute my choice for president for your own.”

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