Following are some political snippets from a reporter’s notebook for the week of Nov.12-18, 2017.

Controversial Endorsement Goes to Washington

One of the first endorsements of the political season created a firestorm of controversy. The East Valley Republican Women Federated (EVRWF) on Nov. 6 voted “overwhelmingly” to endorse Kimberlin Brown Pelzer as the Republican nominee for the 36th Congressional District seat. Some cried foul, alleging it was too early. Some questioned how the organization, the second largest group of Federated women in the state, could endorse a candidate who just moved into the district.

Political Notebook: Tax Returns, NRCC & More

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Some even claimed the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) took issue with the EVRWF’s endorsement. That is simply not true, according to Del Beccaro, regional political director for the NRCC.

“I don’t know what their bylaws are or when historically they make endorsements,” Beccaro said in a telephone interview from Washington, D.C. “We as an entity, as the NRCC, don’t endorse in primaries. It’s just not our role.”

Other organizations, every state party, every county party or federated organization is free to make its own determination about how they go about endorsing as long as it is in accordance with its internal bylaws or rules, Beccaro explained.

“We don’t get involved in primaries,” Beccaro stressed. “To the degree that people think we do, we don’t. Our job, when there is a nominee, is to make sure they are in the best position possible to beat the Democrats, so that is what we will do.”

Former Republican U.S. Congresswoman Mary Bono acknowledged in an interview with Uken Report this week that the NRCC has sought her opinion and insights about Brown Pelzer. Bono declined to say what she might have told the Committee. She told Uken Report she does not know Brown Pelzer.

Dan Ball Vows to Release Tax Returns

Dan Ball, one of three Republicans seeing the party’s nomination for the 36th Congressional District, has pledged to publish the past five years of income tax returns on his campaign website. He made the pledge on Nov. 7 during a one-on-one interview.

Political Notebook: Tax Returns, NRCC & MoreNearly two weeks later they are nowhere to be seen.

Ball said he has paper copies and digital copies from his accountant. He just needs to get his consultant to publish them on the website.

“More politicians, and you know I like my phrase citizen politicians, should be more transparent with everything because that would quell a lot of rumors and innuendo that come up as they run for office or once they are in office,” Ball explained as the reason propelling his pledge. “They simply need to be more transparent.”

State Sen. Jeff Stone Not Taking Sides – Yet

Political Notebook: Tax Returns, NRCC & More

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State Sen. Jeff Stone, R-Riverside, has not yet endorsed a candidate in the June 5 California Republican Primary for the 36th Congressional District, according to Glenn A. Miller, Stone’s District Director.

Miller said Stone will not endorse until at least January when he reviews the candidates’ fundraising efforts.

Three people are vying for the Republican nomination to challenge Democrat incumbent Raul Ruiz. The three are Dan Ball, Kimberlin Brown Pelzer and Stephan Wolkowicz.


Sen. Stone Receives “Champions of Manufacturing” Honor 

Chalk up a three-peat for state Senator Jeff Stone, R-Riverside.

The California Manufacturers & Technology Association announced that Stone is one of 15 senators to receive its 2017 “Champions of Manufacturing” designation for his voting record of supporting important manufacturing legislation at least 70 percent of the time.

Stone supported the CMTA’s recommendations 90 percent of the time in 2017.

“California legislative policies have a profound impact on manufacturing growth and investment in the State,” said CMTA President Dorothy Rothrock. “We commend the legislators who are demonstrating their commitment to manufacturing. It should be a high priority for all policymakers to make California competitive for new manufacturing investments.”

Senator Stone applauded CMTA’s efforts to hold Sacramento lawmakers accountable for their record when it comes to legislation supporting manufacturing and technology companies.

Political Notebook: Tax Returns, NRCC & More

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“There are many in Sacramento who talk the talk,” Stone said in a prepared statement. “Groups like CMTA help shine a light on those who truly walk the walk when it comes to the interests of business and manufacturing companies here in California.”

In addition to his CMTA voting record, Stone is one of 10 legislators out of 120 whose voting record was 100 percent in alignment with the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association.

Stone is also one of 10 state senators to post a perfect 16-0 mark in the 2017 California Chamber of Commerce Vote Record of Major Bills.

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