Those that oppose immigration of any kind will likely oppose this special group of individuals entering the United States. [Opinion]

The Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force have had interpreters imbedded with combat forces since former President George W. Bush launched the Global War on Terror almost 20 years ago.

With President Joseph Biden withdrawing all remaining troops by September 11, 2021 time is running out for those who helped the U. S. Armed Services as interpreters.

Experts expect those who worked with U. S. Forces to be executed once the troop withdrawal is completed by the Biden Administrations Pentagon leadership.

Yes, immigration remains a touchy subject with many Americans. These interpreters have surely earned a VISA. In many cases they were imbedded with our ground forces in combat. They also helped our Central Intelligence Agency and military contractors.

Many immigrants were killed in action alongside our troops. Many were wounded just as our own troops. Families of those individuals who have served with our troops for two decades have already been slaughtered by various terrorist groups.

The United States and Allied forces must take care of those who served alongside of our troops and assisted soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen.

Yes, 70,000  immigrants is a large number of people to process for entry. Those that oppose immigration of any kind will likely oppose this special group of individuals entering the United States.

With the Global War on Terror having lasted for 20 years, many people have helped our sons and daughters who volunteered to serve a nation at war.

These interpreters helped our forces take on international terrorists on the front lines and likely helped intelligence officials foil numerous domestic international terror attacks.

In 1975 as South Vietnam fell to communist forces from North Vietnam refugees began arriving in the United States. Many of those refugees fought side by side with our troops.

These programs were U. S. Government programs. Gerald Ford did the right thing by allowing these programs to be developed and utilized .

While this war will end on September 11, 2021 intelligence and military officials expect other wars in other theaters in the years ahead.

If the United States hopes to have the support and assistance of interpreters and other cooperatives in future military actions then VISA’s for these helpers must be granted.

A State Department that turns it back on those that helped our troops will earn a reputation as one that cannot be trusted to take care of those who took care of America’s sons and daughters.

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