Palm Springs International Airport Begins Two Exciting Renovation Projects to Enhance the Passenger Experience

PALM SPRINGS – Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) today announced the start two construction projects that will transform and elevate the travel experience for passengers. With a focus on enhancing passenger comfort, introducing local flavors, and expanding retail options, these initiatives reflect the airport’s commitment to embracing growth and fostering a sense of place for travelers.

The first project, the renovation of the gate hold rooms in the Sonny Bono Concourse, is already underway and set to complete in early 2024. This endeavor will see the replacement of all flooring, strategic repositioning of new passenger service desks for increased open spaces and better lines of sight, upgraded lighting, and a variety of improvements designed to elevate the overall passenger experience in the gate hold rooms. Throughout this project’s duration, the concourse will remain open and operational. Renovations will take place two to three gates at a time, ensuring that the remaining gates continue to operate seamlessly.

Airport Projects to Enhance Passenger Experience

Harry Barrett, Executive Director of Aviation

Harry Barrett, Executive Director of Aviation, emphasized, “As Palm Springs International Airport has witnessed tremendous growth over the past two years, it’s vital that our facilities are upgraded to keep pace with our evolving traveler needs. We are dedicated to providing passengers with not only improved amenities but also an authentic sense of place that captures the essence of the region our airport serves.”

The second project, with public facing work slated to commence next month and conclude by winter 2024, will usher in a new era of culinary and retail offerings. A highlight of this initiative will be the complete renovation of all three existing airport restaurants, along with the introduction of three additional eateries, effectively doubling the dining options at the airport, and two coffee shops. Local Palm Springs favorites, Trio and El Mirasol, will join the airport along with Coachella Valley Coffee and Joshua Tree Coffee Co. to provide a taste of the area’s rich culinary scene. The fountain area on the Sonny Bono Concourse will make way for Cactus to Clouds, a new circular bar and restaurant named after the renowned local hiking trail that culminates atop Mount San Jacinto. Cactus to Clouds will open in spring 2024.

To cater to the diverse shopping preferences of passengers, retail options will also undergo a significant revamp. InMotion travel electronics retailer will replace the Desert Mart in the Sonny Bono Concourse, and Hey Joshua, which will feature goods found in the High Desert and Joshua Tree National Park, will replace the Desert News store. Uptown Essentials channeling mid-century modern aesthetics, which will encompass a broad spectrum of items from businesses located in the Uptown area of Palm Springs, will replace the CNBC store located near Gate 12 in the RJ Concourse. The retail renovations will also introduce the airport’s first duty-free shopping experience for those on international bound flights. The Desert Marketplace & PGA Golf store in the Sonny Bono Concourse will close for renovations in September to make way for the upcoming Las Palmas Oasis. Additionally, I heart PSP, also in the Sonny Bono Concourse, and The Pink Door, located pre-security, will offer self-service food and retail experiences, debuting this fall.

These reinvigorated shops will not only offer specialty local items but also stock essential travel provisions such as snacks, beverages, reading materials, and other travel related necessities passengers may need for their trips.

Buzz by Bar Fly, located near Gate 20, will be the first restaurant to undergo renovation, transforming into Nine Cities Craft – a haven for craft beer enthusiasts, showcasing brews from the Coachella Valley. Vino Volo, a restaurant and wine bar concept, is scheduled for construction starting in spring 2024 and will re-open in the fall, replacing the PSP Coffee House and Wine Bar. Additionally, Half Moon Empanadas will be relocated from its temporary courtyard kiosk to a permanent home in the Sonny Bono Concourse by winter 2024.

Another notable addition to the airport’s courtyard will be the introduction of a Palm Springs Aerial Tramway inspired bistro. This bistro will proudly feature the High Desert’s Joshua Tree Coffee Company and Palm Springs’ The Shoppe Ice Cream.

“We recognize that these construction projects may cause some inconveniences for our passengers, and we want to assure everyone that every effort will be made to minimize any disruptions,” said Barrett. “We understand the importance of a seamless travel experience and are fully committed to maintaining the highest standards throughout these improvements. We ask for the public’s patience and understanding as we work to enhance PSP for the benefit of all travelers. Together, we are shaping an airport that truly reflects the vibrant spirit and character of our region.”

As these transformative projects unfold, PSP is dedicated to minimizing disruptions to passengers. To bridge the gap during these renovations, temporary retail kiosks will be strategically placed throughout the concourses while retail shops are renovated, and restaurant closures and openings will be timed to ensure that passengers will have dining options available throughout the entire construction project.

PSP remains committed to creating an airport environment that resonates with the essence of its community, celebrating local cuisine, retail, and experiences, all while enhancing traveler convenience.

The new retail shops at PSP will be managed and operated by Marshall Retail Group, and all food and beverage offerings will be overseen by Paradies Lagardere. Any local businesses interested in having their items offered at PSP should reach out to the respective management company to discuss available options.


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