As Alyssa Torres approaches graduation, she wanted to hold one final drive

The name Alyssa Torres might seem familiar. She is a senior at La Quinta High School who has made it her mission to hold donation drives for a variety of individuals in need.

As Torres approaches graduation, she wanted to hold one final drive. A student in the Public Service Academy she plans on studying the forensic sciences and returning to the Coachella Valley to help those in her community

For this last drive, she reached out to other DSUSD schools and the call was answered throughout the district. Participating schools have placed collection boxes at prominent locations. Donations will be accepted through May 14. On Saturday, May 15, from 8:00 am to noon, additional items will be welcomed at La Quinta High School, in front of the main door.

Those benefiting from this drive include FIND FoodBank, the United Way, Well in the Desert, Amelia Earhart and Saul Martinez elementary schools transitional-kindergarten and kindergarten classes.

Find FoodBank is the only regional food bank serving eastern Riverside and southern San Bernardino Counties in southern California. In the past year, its service numbers have increased to feeding more than 150,000 individuals each month and distributing nearly 22-plus million pounds of food, due to the economic hardships that have followed the Covid-19 pandemic. In prior years, it was distributing 12-plus million pounds of food assistance annually to an average of  90,000 individuals each month across our service area. In FY18/19 the amount of food distributed for free to the community was valued at more than $19 million, allowing their client to redirect their limited dollars towards rent payments to prevent homelessness, medical care to stay healthy and lower stress to help them perform better at school and work. All of which help end the cycle of poverty and cycles of hunger.

Items being collected include:

  • Art supplies including coloring books, workbooks, note books, crayons, etc.
  • Tote bags
  • Books for all ages
  • Toiletries and bags for these items
  • Socks
  • Cash donations


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