Cathedral City Community Amphitheater is becoming go-to venue for diverse events.

CATHEDRAL CITY — The 2.5 acre downtown amphitheater park is everything city officials hoped for and more. With a seating capacity exceeding 2,900 people, this $3.7 million amphitheater park is an ideal location for the city’s festivals, art shows, food truck events, concerts, local theater productions, and much more. It’s attracting new, diverse events.

On Wednesday, May 10, the City Council will be asked to approve special use permits for the Coachella Valley Bully Fest to be held on Saturday, Jan. 13, 2024, in the Cathedral City Community Amphitheater.

This annual event allows dog owners to showcase the talents of their pups and show off their special skills. In previous years, Bully Fest has attracted both a strong local/regional audience as well as out-of-state attendees and participants. Competition trophies are awarded, and everything is designed to offer guests a family-friendly experience, according to Ryan Hunt, Communications and Events Manager. There is a strong focus on entertaining and appealing to families and there are no depictions of violence or adult themes included in the show. Event organizers plan to hire private security to roam amongst attendees and to check bags prior to entry at the gate.

Coachella Valley Bully Fest projects a strong local and regional audience and projects 1,500 attendees. This event has previously been held in the City of Coachella but event organizers were attracted to the City’s Community Amphitheater after attending multiple successful events hosted at the venue (Tejano Music Fest, Cathedral City Hot Air Balloon Festival, Taste of Jalisco, etc.).

The Council will also be asked to approve a special use permit for the 2023 Battle in the Desert, an amateur boxing event, to be held on Saturday, Oct. 4 in the Cathedral City Community Amphitheater.

Produced by Jesus Gonzalez, an officer with the Cathedral City Police Department, the “Coachella Valley Battle in the Desert” is an annual amateur boxing tournament geared towards those who work in the public safety professions. The boxing event has occurred over the past five-plus years and attracted hundreds of attendees in 2022, its first time inside the amphitheater. Gonzalez would like to conduct the boxing event on Saturday, Oct. 14 from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. The event is sanctioned by USA Boxing, and it encourages law enforcement officers and public
safety personnel to compete in the sport of boxing. Some of the proceeds generated go to local charities.

The award-winning Cathedral City Community Amphitheater has served as the backdrop for Yoga classes, DAP Health & Revivals Resale Boutique Volunteer Appreciation Event, League of California Cities – Riverside County Division, Tejano Music Festival, and more.

Cathedral City High School also held its annual Golden Lion Awards Night at the Amphitheater. The event recognizes more than 200 graduating students for their outstanding academic achievement.



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