Aurora Wilson says her political affiliation should play no role in the upcoming November election

PALM DESERT — Aurora Wilson, who has served as a College of the Desert Board Trustee since being appointed to the Fourth District vacancy in April 2013, told Uken Report she is “really excited” about the upcoming election.

To date, she is being challenged by former COD Superintendent/President Joel Kinnamon and Brian Nestande, a government affairs consultant in Palm Desert. He served in the state Assembly from 2008-2014, he was deputy CEO of Riverside County until May of 2021.

Her tone quickly changes when she is asked about recently changing her political affiliation.

In May. Wilson changed her party affiliation from Republican to Democrat. Speculation is in overdrive as to why she would do that. Some theorize that she did so to win the endorsements of top Democrats, like Riverside County Fourth District Supervisor V. Manuel Perez. Wilson has her theories as to who is behind the trolling. She even named names in disgust, speculating that one of her opponents is behind the attempted smear.

Perez has not yet endorsed Wilson and told Uken Report he is “still thinking about it.”

Frankly, Perez could endorse anyone he wishes. They don’t have to be of the same party. If you remember in 2018, Perez, a Democrat, endorsed Chad Bianco, a Republican, for Sheriff.

It is not unusual for Wilson to change her political affiliation. Here is a brief snapshot of her political history, according to Rebecca Spencer, Riverside County Registrar:

  • 2002, Democrat
  • 2010, Republican
  • 2021, No Party Preference
  • March 2022, Republican
  • May 2022, Democrat

“Why does it matter?” Wilson asked, obviously disgusted. “It’s a nonpartisan office. I will continue making good decisions as I have for the past eight years.”

She then read a definition of “nonpartisan.”

Wilson said she registered Republican when she married the late Supervisor Roy Wilson, who died in 2009. She said she did so at his request.

“I was always a Democrat and I wanted to return to my roots,” Wilson told Uken Report. “The term Democrat will probably be on my headstone.”



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